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      One of the workshops involved ‘why attend the LIC Board Meetings’.  Mrs. Sara Simmonds stated that one of the benefits of the experiences she has gained in working with the various peoples/religions represented at the LIC, is that it has helped her as she deals with the many different personalities she meets in the prisons.  Archbishop Hughes quipped something about Mrs. Simmonds thus comparing us to criminals, and the table rocked with laughter. 


Workshop outlines/notes were posted on the walls.

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A look back -

LIC - 36th Annual Assembly, March, 2006

Note - this theme material was

continued at the 2006 Fall Board Meeting.

The theme of this March Annual Assembly was: 

Part I:  New Horizons for LIC –  How do we pull together given what we’re in?  In a culture that is less “churched”, what is the role of LIC?”

The Assembly was held on March 6-7, 2006 at the Bishop Tracy Center in Baton Rouge, LA.  The Rev. Dr. Craig Gilliam, our consultant, encouraged the attendees to choose and implement their own workshop sessions/ideas as the LIC deals with functioning in the aftermaths of the Hurricanes.  Over 50 people attended and many stated how pleased they were with the interactivity of the sessions. 


Below were the chosen workshops:


Bishop Michael Jarrell

Topic – Why do you come to LIC meetings?


Mr. Hugh Straub

Topic – Inter-Church or Inter-Faith


Archbishop Alfred Hughes

Topic – New Structure / Structural Possibilities?


Mrs. Catherine Townsend

Topic – Focus energy to make a greater impact


Ms. Margaret Browder

Topic – Outreach to non-denominational churches

(mega churches)


Mr. Hugh Straub

Topic – How to increase participation in LIC


Dr. Marian Schwab

Topic – Real Support Denomination to Denomination


Rev. Dan Krutz

Topic – Funding, Commitment, Ecumenical Formation


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