527 North Boulevard - 4th Floor
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St. Charles Retreat Center, 2151 Sam Houston Jones Pkwy, Lake Charles, LA.

Deacon Rick


Deacon Rick Hinchee welcomed all to the Center, but advised that doors needed to remain closed - so as not to entertain unexpected 'critters'!

Sara and the gift
A special presentation was made to/for Mrs. Sara Simmonds - find out more
Morning Prayers in the Chapel at the Retreat Center:
Morning Worship Service in the Chapel at the St. Charles Retreat CenterThe Chapel at the St. Charles Center-outside view
A gift for Betty - (who is retiring from the Exec. Committee). She is not leaving us entirely though - thankfully!

Dan & Betty

Pavilion The pavilion by the Calcasieu River (down the boardwalk & over the swamp)

Break time -

Mrs. Jean Poe and Dr. Sparks further discuss the Global Warming issue.

Jean and Cory

Mary Ann was one of our new delegates. 

We were glad to welcome them all!



37th Annual Assembly of the LIC

Walkway overlooking the bayou


We met down by the bayou, for the 37th Annual Assembly

of the LIC...   


St Charles Retreat Center buildings

March 5th & 6th, 2007
St. Charles Center
Lake Charles, LA


Dr. Kessler Our keynote speaker was the Rev. Dr. Diane Kessler, co-author of the book "Councils of Churches and the Ecumenical Vision".  She is a very spirited individual who offered much encouragement to those sharing in the ecumenical vision.


The Ecumenical Annual Assembly Worship Service was held on Monday evening, March 5th, at St. Theodore Catholic Church (Moss Bluff), Lake Charles, LA, with over 150 persons attending.  Our thanks to the Rev. Msgr. Charles J. Dubois for hosting the service.  An offering was collected, to be divided between Moss Bluff Ministries and the LIC Endowment Fund for Christian Unity.  Bishop Ronald P. Herzog preached the sermon, and was officially installed as the new President of the LIC, as the charge and prayers were given over all of the officers of the LIC. 

line up of officers

Bp Ronald Herzog preaching

Msgr. Dubois and several other Pastors

Charge and prayer over the LIC officers Bishop Herzog offering the Homily Msgr. Dubois & many of the participating Pastors

Worship Service photos courtesy of the Rev. Dr. Wayne A. Williams - thank you!

One of the main goals of this Annual Assembly was to examine the revised list of Priorities which the LIC members have developed and coordinate efforts to begin further implementation of those priorities.   We are excited as we look forward with renewed vision!         

Approximately 50 persons attended the Business Sessions.  The Assembly delegates heard reports from task forces with recommendations for action and gathered in groups to discuss implementation of such.  See the LIC Revised Priorities List  Oral reports were presented from the Stewardship of the Environment Commission, Prison Chapel Foundation, and Faith and Order Commission, as well as written reports from the Criminal Justice Commission and Farm Advocacy Program.

The Board approved a Constitutional Amendment which would allow Ecumenical Organizations (other than Judicatories) to become Associate Members.  Such organizations would neet to contact the LIC for further details.

Breakout group mtg outside
Group in main auditorium
Some of the breakout groups met outside on this beautiful 'spring' day
The main meeting room in the Brulet Hall at the St. Charles Center

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