527 North Boulevard - 4th Floor
Baton Rouge, LA 70802

First UMC in Alexandria

First United Methodist Church

Alexandria, LA

Our thanks to Rev. Tim Neustifter and the staff at First UMC

for hosting us! 

Theme: “Let Justice Roll Down Like Waters …”

Our speakers were knowledgeable and passionate as they gave presentations regarding the churches role in advocacy & social justice, statewide efforts to help the poor, the Jena situation and other racial justice issues. 



Rev. Stephen Sanders spoke of the

need for Chaplains in the

National Guard

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A few more pictures...

a Dinner picture

In the banquet room for the Monday evening meal.

Mrs. Sara Simmonds; Fr. Scott Chemino; & Bp Ronald Herzog

Mrs. Sara Simmonds; Fr. Scott Chemino; & Bp Ronald Herzog

Sitting with Speaker, Emile Washington (far right)


Mrs. Ann Ball and Pastor Dale Farley -

just monkeying around.



The 38th LIC Annual Assembly

was held on March 3rd – 4th, 2008

in Alexandria

Board members listening to a presentation



Dr. David Otto, Professor of Religious Studies and Arthur & Emily Webb Chair of International Studies, Centenary College of LA.  Keynote address:  ‘Let Justice Roll:  The Church’s role in Advocacy and Social Justice’. 

Click here for a Summary of Dr. Otto's presentation


Mr. Emile Washington, of Louisiana Department of Social Services (DSS).  He spoke about DSS efforts to help the poor in LA and the need to get the word out about SToP and other programs available to help the poor improve their conditions.

Click here fact sheet on the SToP (Solutions To Poverty) program, or click image at right to go directly to the SToP website. Picture: Solutions to Poverty Summit, Engaging Ideas. Emposering People. Enhancing Lives.


Mr. Don Washington, US Attorney General – Western District of LA.  Spoke about the Jena situation and other racial and criminal issues.  Find out more about their community-based programs and initiatives.


Ms. Carmelita Freeman, Regional Director, U. S. Dept. of Justice, Community Relations Service.  Spoke on the Jena situation and other community divisive issues.   Her office assists and aids communities in resolving civil rights disputes, conflicts, or difficulties related to race, color, or national origin in cooperation with the federally funded Faith Based Initiatives program as approved by President Bush.  Areas of concern include employment, education, housing, and the administration of justice.   Find out more...

The LIC elects a

new President each March.

We welcome our new President for the March, 2008 - March, 2009 session:

Mr. Hugh Ramsay Straub

Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana

Evening Worship

Rev. Wayne A. Williams gave an introduction full of accolades for Bishop Thomas L. Brown, Sr., as the Bishop prepared to preach the evening sermon.

On the evening of March 3rd, we gathered with Father James A. Ferguson and members of the St. Francis Xavier Catholic Cathedral for an Ecumenical Worship Service.  Bishop Thomas L. Brown, Sr. of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church preached a powerful sermon from the book of Amos "Let Justice Roll Down".   Among the points he made, he said that when the church becomes too much like the world - it is no longer the church.  When religion becomes self-serving and perverted from the truth, God refuses to accept the sacrifices.  And he spoke of streams that only run in winter, but the church should be a 'year round stream' - always flowing in justice and righteousness and in caring for our fellow brothers and sisters. 

And none who attended the Worship Service will ever forget the delightful voice and musical talents of the Red River Chorale, under the direction of Dr. Burt Allen. 

We were pleased to learn that LIC Board member Bishop Ronald Herzog is a member of this choir!

The worship music continued after the service with the beautiful reverberating sounds of the pipe organ in the loft above, as played by Mr. Lynn Bauman.  

Our thanks to all involved for a memorable time of worship and fellowship together!

Pipe organ picture taken from a distance


In his closing statement at the Worship Service, our new President, Hugh Straub stated that he lives ecumenism every day.  He and his wife have been married for 37 years.  She is a devout Roman Catholic and he is Episcopalian.  It is their dream to be able to have communion together.  He gave a charge to all Judicatory Leaders to get more people involved in ecumenism.

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