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photo of Holy Trinity

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church

Shreveport, LA

Our thanks to Rev. Stanley Larson and the staff at Holy Trinity for hosting us! 


Theme: “The Church, Disasters and Apocalyptic Events - a Theological and Missiological Response

Our thanks to our Speakers and Participants for making this a successful and interesting Assembly! 

More than 60 persons attended.

The LIC elects a

new President each March.

We welcome our new President for the March, 2009 - March, 2010 session:

The Rev. Dr. Alan D. Cutter

Presbytery of South Louisiana

Rev. Dr. Alan Cutter


Colleen D'Aquin Jessica Vermilyea

Colleen D'Aquin & Jessica Vermilyea spoke during a panel presentation on:  "The Churches - Relief and Recovery"


Bishop Michael Duca of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Shreveport, preached the sermon at the  evening worship service.

The Most Rev. Michael Duca

Bishop Thomas L. Brown, Sr., led the "Litany of Thanksgiving".   

Bishop Brown

is our new President-Elect.

Congrats to Claire!

Claire Manuel (seated at left), recently got married.  Claire has long been affiliated with LIC. Welcome to new delegate, Connie Van Cleve (standing).  [Connie was one of many new delegates at the A.A.]  She is with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Lafayette.   We are also happy that Catherine Townsend (seated at right), is back from sabbatical!  She was elected as a Board Member at Large.





The 39th LIC Annual Assembly

was held on March 2nd - 3rd, 2009

in Shreveport

a picture at A.A. a picture at A.A. a picture at A.A.

Above:  A few scenes from the Annual Assembly

` at Worship Service a group photo after worship service

Evening worship service, (also held at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church). 

The public was invited to join us.

photo courtesy of Rev. Wayne A. Williams

A group photo of some of the attendees at the evening worship service.

photo courtesy of Rev. Wayne A. Williams

Annual Assembly Speakers:

Professor Frederick W. Schmidt, Jr., was our keynote speaker. 

He is an Episcopal Priest, Director of Spiritual Formation and Anglican Studies, and Associate Professor of Christian Spirituality at Southern Methodist University, Perkins School of Theology in Dallas, TX.

Prof. Fred Schmidt

The Rev. Dr. Schmidt

Prof. Schmidt provided us with 2 files from his presentations:

Click here for "Triage Theology"


Click here for "The Souls Beneath the Alter"



Paul Rainwater

Paul Rainwater

Mr. Paul Rainwater, Executive Director of the Office of the Louisiana Recovery Authority (LRA), spoke on:  “The State Response and Recovery Effort”.  More information about the ongoing activities of this organization can be found at: http://www.lra.louisiana.gov/

Tammica DowdProjector screen-Sheltering Operations

Mrs. Tammica Dowd of the LA Dept. of Social Services spoke on the: “State Response to Disasters” and specifically regarding shelter operations.  Click here for the the DSS website on  Emergency Preparedness

Mr. Jim Gallagher, LPCF Board Member Mr. Jim Gallagher, LPCF Board Member

Mr. Jim Gallagher of the Louisiana Prison Chapel Foundation updated us on the progress of their Chapel Building program and reminded us of the continuing need to fund this worthwhile project. 

In April, the 11th Chapel built through the program, will be dedicated at the LA Correctional Institute for Women (LCIW).

For more info. or to donate, click here

A few new faces:


Rev. Ken York & Rev. Gregory Gyce (both of the AME Zion Church) were elected at this meeting as Board-Member-at-Large & Regional Coordinator (for Region 1), respectively.  

Rev. Susan Lassalle became the Board Designate for the GRRCC (Disciples of Christ) in December of 2008.

Rev. Ken York, Rev. Susan Lassalle, & Rev. Gregory Gyce

Rev. Kenneth York, Rev. Susan Lassalle, & Rev. Gregory Gyce

Rev. Dr. Solomon

Shorter, Sr.

Board Designate as of September, 2008

Rev. Shorter is a Designate for our newest Judicatory Member:  the Louisiana Home and Foreign mission Baptist State Convention. 

Welcome to all of our new Board Members!

Rev. Samuel Tolbert (who also attended) is the President of LHFMBSC.  We met him at the Fall Board Meeting.

Annual Assembly Election Highlights:

Rev. Dr. Alan D. Cutter was elected President, with Bishop Thomas L. Brown, Sr. elected as the President-Elect. 

Rev. Gregory D. Gyce was elected as Region One Coordinator and Rev. Cedell Raggs was elected to Region Two. 

Newly elected Board Members at Large include:  Mrs. Catherine Townsend, Rev. Kenneth York, & Mrs. Claire Vallot Manuel for 2 year terms, and Ms. Dora Mena Delancey to fill a remaining vacancy for a one year term.   

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