527 North Boulevard - 4th Floor
Baton Rouge, LA 70802

March 2nd - 3rd,


The Wesley Center

Woodworth, Louisiana

Assembly delegates voted

to re-affirm the

Lund Principle:

"We affirm that we should act together in all matters except those in which deep differences of conviction compel us to act separately."

More Business Session Highlights:

Litany of Thanksgiving:  We are still hoping for further responses on updating this.

2016 Budget:  Budget requests for 2016 will mirror the voluntary percentage patterns from 2015.

Scholarship Fund:  Delegates would like to see a scholarship fund set up to help those who need assistance with registration and/or lodging expenses for Annual Assembly and Fall Board meetings.  A plea for contributions for such will be included in an upcoming newsletter.

Inspire Magazine: 

Rev. Hawley Wolfe gave a presentation on a new non-profit publication which will soon be circulated in select churches throughout the state.

More info. can be found at http://inspirelouisiana.com/

Annual elections were held.

Congrats to: 

Newly installed President, Bishop Jacob Owensby of the Episcopal Diocese of

Western Louisiana


Rev. Dr. C. S. Gordon of Louisiana Missionary Baptist State Convention, was elected to fill the position of



Mrs. Marie Ducote-Comeaux  was elected to fill a vacancy for a Board Member At Large position.

All other elected Officers and Board Members were re-affirmed by vote in their current positions.  Thank you all for your continued service!

Welcome to all of our New Delegates!

Rev. Hulen Warren and Rev. Paul Pic gave a lunchtime orientation to some of our New Delegates: Dr. Earl Griffin, Ms. Nikki Sonnier, Rev. Jan Curwick, and Rev. John Scott.

We were very pleased that Rev. Dr. Timothy Jones (one of our Judicatory Leaders), was able to be present at an Annual Assembly for the first time. 

Rev. Melvin Smith was another first time delegate. 


Thank you Rev. Smith,

for your assistance to the photographer, when she was

'climbing' to get some pictures!

Thanks to Sara Simmonds, a long time friend of the LIC, for cheerfully volunteering to make some pickups and deliveries of items for the Assembly; and her help at the evening Worship Service as well. 

Rev. Dan Krutz, LIC Executive Director, and Mrs. Sara Simmonds

And thanks to:

Rev. Lee Weems and Dr. Kenny Crump for providing transportation for the Speaker.

Rev. Lee Weems standing with LIC Secretary, Pastor Dale Farley:


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45 th

 Annual Assembly


“The Church, Towards a Common Vision”

Delegates from more than a dozen Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical and Baptist churches gathered for the 45th Annual Assembly, held at the beautiful retreat center of the United Methodist Church called the Wesley Center, in Woodworth, LA,

on March 2nd & 3rd, 2015. 

Photo of Steven Harmon

Dr. Steven R. Harmon

     The keynote speaker was Dr. Steven R. Harmon, a Baptist theologian from Gardner-Webb University School of Divinity in North Carolina. 

     Dr. Harmon has made significant contributions to national and international ecumenical conversations and was actually part of the 2009 WCC Faith and Order Plenary Commission meeting that offered input on a draft of the WCC publication for which the theme of our Assembly was named.

Click here for Monday's Presentation from Dr. Harmon:

How Might We Envision the Unity We Have?

Click here for Tuesday's Presentation:

What Can We Do About the Unity We Envision?

On Monday afternoon, church leaders from the:  Baptist Missionary & Educational Convention of LA; Roman Catholic Diocese of Shreveport; and Christian Methodist Episcopal Church-4th Episcopal District, participated in a panel session that explored their respective responses to the Assembly theme, in a local concept.   They provided down to earth but insightful overviews of the challenges they see in their congregations to unified ministry as well as outreach to their communities.

Panelists: Rev. Dr. Timothy Jones and Bishop Michael G. Duca

Panelist:  Dr. Earl Griffin Click here for his presentation

Around 60 worshippers gathered for the Monday evening

Ecumenical Prayer Service,

held at First United Methodist Church of Alexandria Early in the service proceedings, participants from various denominations poured water from individual pitchers into one common container as a sign of their Christian unity.

    The congregation also united in reaffirming baptismal vows as an expression of their unity in Christ.   


   The Rev. Cynthia Fierro Harvey, Bishop of the Louisiana Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church, gave the homily.  Expanding on the water theme, she preached about the Samaritan Woman at the well.  She began her sermon carrying a large water pitcher and saying, "But Sir, you don't even have a bucket!" 
This Samaritan was an outcast, but she became a witness.  Jesus told her everything she ever did, but He loved her anyway.  She was willing to leave everything behind -- her water jar and her past, and run to be a witness to others.  Bishop Harvey asked, "What's holding you back?  Leave your bucket and go tell your neighborhood!"

Bishop Cynthia Fierro Harvey and her water jar.

"But Sir, you

don't even have a bucket!" 

   Rev. Donnie Wilkinson was the hosting pastor.  The service included the installation of new and re-elected officers and the incoming President, Bishop Jacob Owensby of the Episcopal Diocese of Western Louisiana.  Our thanks to our hosts and to all participants!

   And our special thanks to the congregation and staff of First UMC for the reception afterwards, which featured a wide variety of homemade sweets!

Mrs. Marie Durham blessed us all with her extraordinary talents on the pipe organ during worship.  She has been playing in Sunday School and Church since age ten.
The Annual Assembly offering was $876.01!   Thank you all!   The contributions from this offering will go towards helping with the daily operational expenses of the LIC.  Your generosity is much appreciated!     P. S.  The one cent figure was part of a generous check from a contributor who likes to add one penny to his checks.  (Some of you know who that friend of the LIC is.) 

Morning Prayer

On Tuesday, Fr. Dan Krutz, LIC Executive Director, led the morning prayer in the serene chapel at the Wesley Center. As an Episcopalian, he surprised some by noting that on March 3rd Episcopalians honor the (UMC) Wesley brothers, John & Charles.

  Click here for the infamous "oyster story"

Our thanks to Roseanne and all of the Wesley Center staff for the many efforts they made on our behalf. 

Our thanks to the Alexandria/ Pineville Area Convention and Visitors Bureau for ditty bags for all participants and for a 'grand' door prize:  a bag which included a cookbook, coffee mug, and various other Louisiana items. 

Bishop Shelton Fabre was the winner of the 'grand' door prize:

To continue the fun, the LIC had a few more door prizes as well; inspirational books and a Louisiana keychain.  Additional winners:

Madre Annie


Mrs. Mary Jane


Rev. Dr. Wayne



The LIC has a new FACEBOOK page!  Check it out for more Annual Assembly pictures!



 For more information on this Assembly or other events at the LIC, please contact the Rev. C. Dana Krutz, Executive Director of the Louisiana Interchurch Conference, 527 North Boulevard, Fourth Floor, Baton Rouge, LA, 70802; phone (225) 344-0134; fax (225) 344-0142; E-mail:  lainterchurch@aol.com.


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