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Theme: "Reformation:

 Watching the change in our Church and in our Coastline."

In Monday's opening Business Session, Bishop Jacob Owensby of the Episcopal Diocese of Western Louisiana added an urgent document to the Board’s agenda, a statement concerning an anti-terrorism training event in Rapides Parish.   For further details, please read the below statement as it was sent to the press:


March 6, 2017

From: The Louisiana Interchurch Conference Gathered in Annual Convention in Monroe,


Controversy has arisen around an anti-terrorism training event sponsored by the Rapides Parish District Attorney Phillip Terrell. While we recognize the imperative of keeping our citizens safe and the sad necessity of training law enforcement in terrorism prevention and response, we are deeply concerned by the reputation of the group chosen to lead this training event.

The group selected to train Rapides police officers is led by John Guandolo, a man who reportedly resigned from the FBI under negative circumstances. He has reportedly had associations with groups classified as anti-Muslim and is on record with statements that call the religious rights of Muslims into question.

Accordingly, associating his name with the training of the police officers charged with protecting and serving the people of Rapides Parish brings with it unintended negative consequences. Understandably, some among our Muslim neighbors have expressed fear that, as a result of the proposed training, they will be targeted on the basis of their faith. This kind of policing strategy is not the American way.

In other words, bringing in a man tainted by an anti-Muslim reputation undermines the sense of security enjoyed by some of our citizens. These citizens live peaceably among us and, as well-trained professionals, provide much needed services to all of us.

The Rapides District Attorney Phillip Terrell is committed to justice and seeks to protect the citizens of his Parish. For that, we commend him and express our gratitude.

So, we, the undersigned individual members of the Louisiana Interchurch Conference, strongly urge District Attorney Terrell to delay this training and to dismiss John Guandolo’s group. Find another training group worthy of DA Terrell’s and our high commitment to justice and safety for all. By doing so, he will underscore the deep commitments we know he shares with us to the civil and religious freedoms guaranteed to all Americans.

Individual signatures as attached on the official document are available in the LIC office. Members voted as individuals, not as official representatives of their judicatory.  A broad cross-section of denominations is represented by these signatures, and the vast majority of those gathered at the Assembly supported this statement.

Door prize fun!

Our sincere thanks to the Monroe-West Monroe Convention and Visitors Bureau for their generous donation of these fabulous door prizes!

These two Board Members each won a great planner portfolio - and they both said they needed one!

Mrs. Mary Collins

of Church Women United

Msgr. Richard Greene

Roman Catholic Diocese of Lafayette

The next two surprise bags were "Cajun designed" with aprons,

LA seasoning, and a travel mug;

won by:

Rev. Barbara Driscoll, an Assembly Delegate from the Christian Church Disciples of Christ

Rev. Mallery Callahan, Judicatory Leader for the LA Home & Foreign Mission Baptist State Convention was kind enough to 'model' the apron and accessories that he won.  Doesn't he look great!  

Congrats to our door prize winners!



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Held at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel

in Pecanland Mall

The 47th  

LIC Annual


was held on:

March 6th-7th, 2017, in Monroe, with 45 persons attending.  Thanks to all who braved the thunderstorms!

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   Our Keynote Speakers:

Dr. Alisha Renfro

Helen Rose Patterson


Rev. Joseph Daly

Monday's speakers:  “Watching the change in our coastline.”  

Dr. Alisha Renfro presented first, giving us a history of the Mississippi River, alerting us to just how major this waterway is with the largest discharge of any river in the U. S., and the important role it played in creating much of the land in South Louisiana that we have been and now see eroding away.  She provided many reasons for this loss of land including the fact that with the Mississippi now contained inside of levees there is no longer the natural spreading of sediments that would refurbish the land.  Dr. Renfro is a coastal scientist with the National Wildlife Federation working on the Mississippi River Delta restoration in coastal Louisiana.  She has her Ph.D. in Marine and Atmospheric Science from Stony Brook University.  Click here for Dr. Renfro's presentation (PDF file).

Ms. Helen Rose Patterson's presentation followed with more detail on the 2017 draft Master Coastal Plan, and the actions needed to help save our coast.  With all of the factors involved, she said we cannot reverse nor even totally stop the land loss, but without planned intervention the losses will continue to increase exponentially.  We have already lost over 1,900 square miles since the 1930s, and a football field-sized area of land is being washed away EVERY HOUR.  Ms. Patterson is the Greater New Orleans Outreach Coordinator at Restore the Mississippi River Delta and is with the National Wildlife Federation.  She has her BA from Bennington College.  Click here for Ms. Patterson's presentation (PDF file).

Find out more at:  http://coastal.la.gov/2017-coastal-master-plan/

Tuesday's speaker:  “Watching the change in our churches.”

On Tuesday, the Reverend Joseph Daly provided a history of the Protestant Reformation mixed with some interesting anecdotes, beginning with Martin Luther and his '95 Theses' in Germany and continuing with highlights from the 500 years that has transpired since then.  Rev. Daly is Rector of the Episcopal Church of Ascension in Lafayette, LA.  Rev. Daly is a native of Nova Scotia and studied in Canada, the United States and the Middle East.  

Worshipping Together

The Monday evening Ecumenical Worship Service was held at First Christian Church, March 6, 2017, on Forsythe Ave in Monroe.

Inside the sanctuary

The Rev. Dr. Earl Griffin of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church was one of the participants in the worship service program.  He led the reading of the Remembrance of Baptismal Promises.

 Pictured above are: Outgoing LIC President, the Rev. Dr. C. S. Gordon, Jr.; and our evening preacher, the Rev. Dr. Nadine Burton of the Great River Region Christian Church Disciples of Christ.


Dr. Burton's message focused on the fact that we need more Christ-like love in this world rather than the hate we see so much of in the news and around us.  This begins with the church!

Our sincere thanks to Dr. Craig Ferguson as the host pastor and to the very talented FCC musicians and singers! The service included installation of new and re-elected officers including the incoming President, the Most Rev. Michael G. Duca of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Shreveport.


Below are are some of the re-elected officers and/or officers changing position.  Pictured are (from left to right):  Supt. Woodrow Davis, Catherine Townsend, Madre Annie Etheredge, Fr. Mike Moroney, Pastor Dale Farley, Bishop Michael Duca, & Fr. Buddy Noel.

Various pictures taken after the evening worship service:

    Found an old friend of LIC!  

After the evening worship service, Mrs. Norma Elliott (far left), informed us that she used to be an LIC Board Member back in the 70s.  What a surprise!  FCC is her home church & she was glad to be able to participate tonight.  

Pictured above are Norma Elliott and her 2 daughters: Cheryl Roach & Janet Williams; and Rev. Barbara Driscoll ( who has been friends with Cheryl for over 20 years). 

Rev. Driscoll is an LIC Delegate from the Christian Church-Disciples of Christ.


Here's another ecumenical group:

  Pictured at right are:  Fr. Buddy Noel of the Archdiocese of New Orleans; Rev. Supt. Woodrow Davis of the Church of God in Christ-LA First Jurisdiction; Samuel Rottman, LIC Bread or Stones Coordinator; Mary Collins, President of Church Women United; and Catherine Townsend of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Lake Charles.

Spotlight on some of our

Baptist members & delegates: 

Rev. Dr. C. S. Gordon, President of the LA Missionary Baptist State Convention (and now immediate Past President of the LIC) is on the far left; and from the LA Home & Foreign Mission Baptist State Convention we have: Pauline Hurst, Dr. Mallery Callahan, Rev. Pernell Trent (a New delegate for this year!), and Dr. Larry Cross.


Board of Directors Elections:

The Most Rev. Michael G. Duca, the new LIC President
Bishop Michael Duca, Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Shreveport was officially installed as President.  The Rev. Cynthia Fierro Harvey, Bishop of the United Methodist Church-LA Annual Conference, will serve as the President-Elect.  The Rev. Michael Otkins was elected as Region 7 Coordinator; Rev. Margaret Simms and Rev Susan Lassalle were elected as Board Members at Large.  We offer thanks to those completing their service in these positions: the Rev. Margaret Simms, ending service as Region 7 Coordinator; and, Mrs. Dora Delancey ending service as a Board Member at Large.

Welcome to some new faces! 

Mr. Hugh Straub (Order of St. Lazarus) provided an orientation to some of our New Delegates during the Monday luncheon


From left to right, going around the table: Rev. Lynn Malone (United Methodist Church); Rev. Linda Baker (Christian Methodist Episcopal Church); Rev. Gwendolyn Pabon' (Christian Methodist Episcopal Church); Rev. Glenell Lee-Pruitt (a fairly new Board Member at Large who had never been to orientation before -- she is with the AME Church); Mr. Hugh Straub-providing the orientation; and Rev. Pernell Trent (LA Home & Foreign Missions Baptist State Convention).   Rev. Bobbie Yellott (of the Christian Church-Disciples of Christ) is on the far right in the right-hand picture below.


And just a few more pics of friendly faces captured in photographs:


Msgr. Richard Greene, Msgr. Carson LaCaze                          Arlene Lathrop, Catherine Townsend,

Trevor-David Bryan, & Rev. Nancy Andrews                                              & Ann Romero              


Rev. Joseph Daly (speaker) and                             Rev. Joe Hill and              

    Madre Annie Etheredge                                    Rev. Lynn Malone           

Thanks to all who attended.  We look forward to seeing many of you at the 2017 Fall Board Meeting in Alexandria!

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