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The 48th



was held March 5th-6th, 2018, in Baton Rouge, with 47 persons attending.  Kudos to all who successfully navigated around a few blocked streets due to a Bonnie and Clyde movie that happened to be filming in the area at the same time!

Welcome new Board Member at Large!

Mr. Winnfield Little has attended a previous Assembly as a Delegate, so many of you have met him already.

Welcome aboard!

Some old friends showed up to help distribute programs at the evening Worship Service!

Mrs. Cindy Mann, former Executive Director of the LA Prison Chapel Foundation.  The LPCF has completed it's building programs, so Cindy has moved on to other work.

The Rev. Dr. Don Cottrill, who served the LIC for 25 years as a Board Designate representing the United Methodist Church.

Thank you both!


And our thanks to the talented evening organist for the service:

Mr. Erik Pittman


Door prize fun!

Our sincere thanks to Mrs. Marie Ducote-Comeaux, as she donated most of these door prizes.

It just so happened that all of our door prizes winners were brand new delegates - fortunate enough to have their names drawn on their very first visit!  (We promise the drawing was not rigged!)  

Each of these ladies won a scented candle.

Ms. Wanda Barnes (above) and Rev. Bernadine Johnson




Rev. Mike Button won a beautiful ceramic Cross and Rev. Diana Roberison won an Alpha Series Jesus Mosaic framed picture: “Sacred Heart of Jesus.”

Congrats to our door prize winners!


Ms. Jessica Vermilyea (of LA VOAD & Lutheran Disaster Response) & Rev. Robin McCullough-Bade (Interfaith Federation of Baton Rouge) brought greetings from their respective organizations.

Ms. Vermilyea reminded all that there are many disasters where folks did NOT receive federal or state funds.  Churches are often their only source of help and/or gap funding.



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   Held at First United

  Methodist Church in

     downtown Baton

         Rouge, LA,

  the Assembly theme

  was: "Outlines of

 the Future Shape

of Christian Unity"

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Dr. Elizabeth


Our Keynote Speaker was Dr. Elizabeth Smith, Ph.D., a Catholic theologian working in scholarly and pastoral roles in the Boston area.  She has authored various publications and papers on ecumenism.

Bishop Michael Duca officiated the meeting, finishing up his term as LIC President

Business Session Highlights:

Resolutions Passed at this Assembly:

1. The LIC reaffirmed it's opposition to the Death Penalty

2. The Assembly delegates voted for LIC to sign on to a joint statement on early childhood education.

3. The LIC urges the Governor and Legislature to find budget funds for children, elderly,

    & other vulnerable peoples.

4. A resolution was approved in reference to current wording in the ByLaws, to establish/

appoint a group of people to study/discuss methods by which decisions are made for binding resolutions.  Bishop Cynthia Fierro Harvey will be the Chair for this group.



New Elections:

1. The Rev. Dr. Timothy Jones was voted in as President-Elect.

2. Mrs. Catherine Townsend will now serve as Secretary (along with her other duties).

We offer our sincere thanks to Pastor Dale Farley who has had to step down as Secretary due to his work schedule, after serving in that position for 18 years (with add'l service that spanned 27 years).



3. Mr. Winnfield Little is a new Board Member at Large.

We offer our sincere thanks to Mrs. Ann Romero who needed to step down for sabbatical, after serving in that position for 2 years.


4.  Fr. Emile "Buddy" Noel was appointed as the new Chair of the Faith & Order Commission.

Other elected positions were renewed/reinstated.  Thank you all for your service!


Rev. Stinson updated everyone present on the financial condition of LIC through the year ended December 2017, and through the end of January of the current year.  The budget needs for 2019 were discussed and it is asked that member Judicatories consider a 2% increase in their pledges for the coming year of 2019.

A letter to this effect and 2019 Pledge forms will be sent to all Judicatory leaders before the end of March.

The Rev. Dr .Van Stinson, LIC Treasurer


Samuel Rottman, Bread or Stones Coordinator

Mr. Samuel Rottman gave an update on the LIC Bread or Stones Children's Anti-Poverty Initiative. 

He discussed the need for more Faith in Action meetings and he reminded all of the sobering fact that poverty for U.S. children has worsened over the years instead of improving.  In 1968 15.6% of children were classified as living in poverty; in 2017 that number was 21%.

Dr. Stephanie Gaskill began employment with the LIC in January as the Coordinator for the new Seven Times Seventy Initiative.  This is funded by a grant from the Huey and Angelina Wilson
Foundation which awarded the LIC Commission on Criminal Justice a $20,000 grant for the year of 2018, to fund the work of the CCJ Commission in furthering efforts in addressing prison reentry and other criminal justice reform efforts. Dr. Gaskill is currently conducting surveys and looking for hosts in more locations for discussion meetings.

Dr. Stephanie Gaskill

The Rev. Dr. Cory Sparks

Chair of the LIC Stewardship of the Environment Commission

Dr. Cory Sparks provided updates on various environmental issues/events that the Commission is addressing. 

He is looking for churches to sign on as active participants in the Year of Prayer for Cancer Alley.  It's a simple, online process. Click here.  

There will be a Faith and Creation Care Workshop on May 10, 2018, at the office of the Restore the Mississippi River Delta Coalition, 3801 Canal Street, New Orleans, LA, from 9am till 1pm. Please mark your calendars and register here!

On Monday, our Keynote Speaker, Dr. Elizabeth Smith, presented on: “The implications of Laudato Si’ for the Church.”  And then on Tuesday, she followed up with: Outlines of the Future Shape of Christian Unity.

While we do not currently have copies of her presentations, we much appreciated the wit and humor she included while showing her passion for these ecumenical subject matters.  As one Board member remarked, her talks encompassed an area “From Sea to Laudato Si.”

We also invite you to (if you haven’t already), review the focus document of this Assembly, as authored by Pope Francis, On Care For Our Common Home.  Click on this environmental document at this link: http://w2.vatican.va/content/francesco/en/encyclicals/documents/papa-francesco_20150524_enciclica-laudato-si.html.  There is also a handy audio version for people who want to listen to it while driving, etc., at: http://villagedoings.com/wp-cafe/?page_id=505.   

Worshiping Together

The Monday evening Ecumenical Worship Service was held at First United Methodist Church, March 5, 2018, in downtown Baton Rouge.

Rev. Dan Krutz (LIC Executive Director, and Bishop & Mrs. Thomas L. Brown.  This may be the last time Bishop & Mrs. Brown can be with us, as the CME summer elections are coming soon and the Bishop expects that he will have to move to another District as is the usual custom.

 Fr. Buddy Noel, Ecumenical Officer of the Archdiocese of New Orleans (and LIC Executive Committee Member) and the Rev. Fr. Anthony Monteleone of the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Baton Rouge.  

 The service included installation of new and re-elected officers including the incoming President, the Rev. Cynthia Fierro Harvey, Bishop of the United Methodist Church-LA Annual Conference.  Below are are some of the new and re-elected officers and/or officers changing position.  Pictured (from left to right) are: Bp Harvey, Fr. Noel, Mr. Little, Mrs. Townsend, Fr. Krutz, Mr. Gorman, Dr. Stinson, and Bp Duca officiating.


As the incoming President of the LIC, The Rev. Cynthia Fierro Harvey of the United Methodist Church LA Annual Conference, gave the Closing Statement & Benediction for the worship service.


Our sincere appreciation and thanks to Rev. Brady Whitton as the host pastor and to the staff of First United Methodist Church for hosting this service and all of these Assembly meetings!

Bishop Thomas L. Brown, Sr. of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church preached the evening sermon, “A Gospel Vision for an age of quick fixes,” basing his text on John chapter 17.  Jesus prayed for His disciples, immediately before He knew he would be arrested.  He knew they would need strength to stay steadfast – hang in there.  He also prayed for oneness and unity.  Now we live in a world that loves fake news over real news and wants to get rid of Christ and His church.  The church rhetoric and political rhetoric often sound the same today.  There’s never been a moral majority; those who truly follow Jesus are the minority.  But Jesus said, “I have overcome the world.”  Bishop Brown reminded all of the song, “Jesus will fix it after a while.”


Order of St. Lazarus participants:  Hugh Straub, Grace Moore Scoggin, and Jan and Jim Jeter

The Rev. Fr. Anthony Monteleone of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church and the Most Rev. Michael Duca of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Shreveport shared a hymnal while singing, “Love Divine, All Loves Excelling.”


A scene from evening worship while Rev. Kenneth York of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church,  Southwestern Delta Episcopal District was leading in the “LITANY OF THANKSGIVING.”

Representation from the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church:  Rev. Diana Roberison; Bishop & Mrs. Thomas Brown; Mrs. & Rev. Larry Lee; Rev. Gwendolyn Pabon’; and the Rev. Dr. Earl Griffin

After the worship service, a group picture of many of the Program participants.  Thank you all!

Additional pictures -- some of our Assembly participants:

Welcome to some new faces! 

Mr. Hugh Straub (Order of St. Lazarus) provided an orientation to some of our New Delegates during the Monday luncheon

New Delegates lunch table (with some of our ‘regulars’ helping to give orientation).   Front left, Rev. Bernadine Johnson (new), then clockwise, Rev. Mike Button (new), Hugh Straub, Grace Scoggin, Gina Anthon (new), Rev. Darryl Tate, Mrs. Mary Collins, and Ms. Wanda Barnes (new).  We also had a few more new delegates that came in later.  Tried to catch some of those in below photographs:  :)


New Delegates, Rev. Larry & Mrs. Linda Lee, of St. Peter CME Church

The Rev. Dr. Timothy Jones of the Baptist Missionary & Educational Convention of LA (voted in today as LIC President-Elect), is shown above with the Rev. Diana Roberison (New Delegate) and the Rev. Dr. Earl Griffin, both from the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church

Mrs. Ann Ball (Episcopal Diocese of LA), Rev. Nancy Andrews (ELCA - TX/LA Gulf Coast Synod), Mrs. Marie Ducote-Comeaux (Roman Catholic Diocese of Lafayette), and New Delegate, Rev. Andrew Greenhaw (Christian Church [DOC])

Rev. Jean Marie Peacock (Presbytery of South LA) and New Delegate, Rev. Karli D. Pidgeon (United Methodist Church).


Thanks to all who attended.  We look forward to seeing many of you at the 2018 Fall Board Meeting in Lake Charles!

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