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The 49 th




was held March 11th-12th, 2019, in Lafayette, LA, with over 60 persons attending, NINETEEN of those were brand new delegates - never having been to an LIC meeting before.  Welcome new Delegates!


Since this meeting was held fairly close to St. Patrick's Day, we added some shamrocks and little green hats for table decor to liven things up a bit.  Each participant was invited to take a shamrock home, and one of our door prizes was a bag of St. Patrick's Day decor items.


Bishop Harvey and Dr. Crowe

Bishop Harvey and Dr. Crowe

Bishop Cynthia Fierro Harvey officiated the meeting, finishing up her term as LIC President. 

(Bishop Harvey and Keynote Speaker, Dr. Susan Henry-Crowe, are close friends.)

Welcome to a new Board Member at Large!

Mr. Phillip Anglin, Ms. Natasha Smith, and Mrs. Ann Romero

Ms. Natasha Smith - center

Pictured are:  Mr. Phillip Anglin, Ms. Natasha Smith, (both of the Archdiocese of New Orleans), & Mrs. Ann Romero (a former Board Member at Large).  (See other election news at right.)

Among some old friends that showed up was the Rev. Jan Curwick (middle), who was a former Treasurer for the LIC.  (The other two ladies were guests who came for the Monday speaker session.)

Rev. Jan Curwick (center) with two guests



Special thanks to Mrs. Marie Ducote-Comeaux (Roman Catholic Diocese of Lafayette), who coordinated the food ordering process for the Monday catered lunch and dinner buffet.  Talk about excellent food!  And there was plenty for everyone!  Mrs. Comeaux operates a food tourism business and knows all of the best places to find food!


And our thanks to the talented and personable evening organist for the worship service:

Stephanie Hoffpauir

Stephanie Hoffpauir

Thank you!

Door prize fun!

Our sincere thanks to the Lafayette Visitors Bureau, and Board Member Madre Annie Etheredge, as they donated 3 of the 6 door prizes.

Door prizes winners:

Hand lathed ink pens with velvet holders (beautifully hand lathed by Madre Annie), were won by Rev. Jean Marie Peacock & the Rev. Dr. Cory Sparks:

hand lathed pens


Rev. Peacock . Dr. Cory Sparks


New Delegate, Mrs. Donna Quintana, won some Tabasco Sauce items.

Tobasco sauce gift bag items


Mr. Hugh Straub

Mr. Hugh Straub, Chair of the Endowment Fund for Christian Unity, won a Lafayette embellished tray of Louisiana style items from the Lafayette tourism department.

Lafayette tray door prize


Bishop Michael Frencher won a cross that says, "Be Still and Know that I AM GOD."

Cross decor


Fr. Joey Lirette

And Fr. Joey Lirette won the St. Patrick's Day package!

St. Patrick's day door prize

Congrats to our door prize winners!


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Held at the Immaculata Center in Lafayette, LA,

the Assembly theme was:

“The Church--Race, Migration and Immigration”


Presenters were:

Dr. Susan Henry-Crowe

Rev. Dr. Susan Henry-Crowe, General Secretary of the General Board of Church

and Society of the United Methodist Church

(Keynote speaker)

Mr. Dauda Sesay

Mr. Dauda Sesay,

originally a refugee from Sierra Leone, and now a founding member & President of Louisiana Organization for Refugees and Immigrants (LORI)

Description: Dr. Susan Mary Weishar, Ph.D.

Susan M. Weishar, Ph.D., of JSRI - New Orleans, and Director of Immigration and Refugee Services with Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of New Orleans. 


Keynote Speaker, Dr. Susan Henry-Crowe, spoke to the group on Monday.  In her presentations, Dr. Crowe addressed the theme of social justice as it relates to race, migration and immigration.   In the picture below, she asked the attendees to form small groups and discuss moments in their lives when they experienced racism or saw others being victims of racism.  (We will link a summary of her presentation here upon receipt of it.)


On Tuesday, speakers Dr. Sue Weishar and Mr. Dauda Sesay presented to the group. 

Dr. Sue Weishar's presentation expanded further on immigration in Louisiana.  She noted that 36% of immigrants in Louisiana are here "undocumented."  However, some of those had work visas at one time and when they expired they never re-applied.  Click here for a PDF of her power-point presentation. 

Mr. Dauda Sesay told his story of being a 15 year-old refugee that was shot in his war-torn native country of Sierra Leone and how he eventually ended up in the United States where he received continued medical care from his injuries, and eventually helped found the immigrant organization: LORI.  Click here for a PDF of his power-point presentation. 


A few Business Session Highlights:


Resolutions Passed at this Assembly:

1. The LIC supported a resolution against Solitary Confinement

2. A resolution was approved in reference to clarify wording in the LIC Constitution and ByLaws, to define Hortatory Resolutions and voting methods on such.  Hortatory Resolutions are not binding on all members and only need to be approved by a majority of the delegates and Board Members present at a particular Annual Assembly.

Efforts were also made to allow the establishment of Binding Resolutions and Presidential Statements WITHOUT unanimous approval from Judicatory Leaders.  These matters were deferred to a later meeting for further discussion.




New Elections:

The Most Rev. J. Douglas Deshotel, Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Lafayette was voted in as President-Elect. 


New Board Members at Large are:

Ms. Natasha Smith (Archdiocese of New Orleans)

Mr. Harold Petteway (Christian Methodist Episcopal Church)     

Ms. Leigh Rachal (Presbytery of South Louisiana) 

Other elected positions were renewed/reinstated.  Thank you all for your service!


Treasurer, Rev. Dr. Van Stinson updated everyone present on the financial condition of LIC through the year of 2018 and on into this current year.  The budget needs for 2020 were discussed and it is asked that member Judicatories consider a minimum 2% increase in their pledges for the coming year of 2020.  A letter to this effect and 2020 Pledge forms will be sent to all Judicatory leaders the first part of April.


Mr. Rob Gorman, Chair of the LIC Task Force on Public Policy and Advocacy gave an update on the LIC Bread or Stones Children's Anti-Poverty Initiative. Mr. Samuel Rottman previously served as the Bread or Stones Coordinator on a full-time basis, but due to lack of renewable sources of grant funding has had to take full-time employment elsewhere.  However, he still serves the LIC's Bread or Stones program on a contractual basis. Mr. Gorman discussed the Kids Casey's count factors for kids and the fact that Louisiana ranks 49th in child well being (very low on the list).  

He encouraged more churches to sign up as covenant members!


The Rev. Dr. Cory Sparks, Chair of the LIC Stewardship of the Environment Commission, is now resigning as Chair, but will continue to be a member of the Commission. Dr. Sparks served as Chair for thirteen years - thank you so very much!!   A search will begin for a New Chair.


Worshiping Together

The Monday evening Ecumenical Worship Service was held in the chapel at the Immaculata Center on March 11, 2019, in Lafayette.


Above is a picture of some of the LIC officers and participants in tonight's service.

Pictured are: Madre Annie Etheredge (a Regional Coordinator); Rev. Dr. Timothy Jones (incoming LIC President and also tonight's preacher); Bishop Douglas Deshotel (President-Elect); and Bishop Cynthia Fierro Harvey (now moving to the position of Immediate Past President).


The Rev. Dr .Timothy Jones, Sr., President of the Louisiana Missionary and Baptist Educational Convention of LA, gave the homily, “Maybe we can build a wall, but can we afford it?"  He spoke of many walls in the Bible and other places.  Some walls are meant to protect, some to keep people out, some to keep people in.  But he said he believes a border wall for the USA is only meant to keep "Brown" people out.

Bus in front of chapel

Peaceful Rest Missionary Baptist Church in Shreveport, sent a busload of 38 people to the evening service.  Wow, that was a long drive down here and back -- all in one evening! 

Dr. Timothy Jones is the pastor there.

people in front part of bus

They were such a fun group, happy to take a picture, and they said to make sure we got a picture of some of the folks in the BACK part of the bus, too, so they wouldn't be left out!


people in back of bus

Our sincere appreciation and thanks to Bishop Douglas Deshotel and the staff of the Immaculata Center for hosting this service and all of these Assembly meetings!

Immaculata Center, main building, Lafayette, LA


Welcome to some new faces! 

Some of the new delegates

Most of the people at this table were brand new delegates, where Board Member, Mr. Hugh Straub, held an orientation for them over lunch.  Bishop Deshotel joined them also.    

It was great to see so many new faces along with other faithful attendees!

We had nineteen new delegates in all - wow! 

We even had some Judicatory Leaders present who had never been able to attend a meeting before, usually having to send their designates instead. 



Thanks to all who attended.  We look forward to seeing many of you at the 2019 Fall Board Meeting in Monroe!

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