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Boudreaux's Confession

    You know down in Catholic portions of Louisiana we often begin our sermons and our worship with a confession or somebody’s confession! 

  Boudreaux, A Cajun, who lived deep in the swampy area of Louisiana, was feeling guilty, so he went to Confession.

Boudreaux:     “Father, I tink you ought to know that I kinda took a leetle lumber from dat new construction site a coupla weeks ago.”

Priest:  “What did you do with the lumber, my son?”

Boudreaux: “Well, Father, my porch, she’s had dis big hole for a long time.  I’m ‘fraid someone will break dey laig, so I fix de hole.”

Priest: “Well, that’s not so bad.”

Boudreaux:  “Well, Father, I had a leetle lumber left.”

Priest:  “What did you do with it?”

Boudreaux:  “Well, my poor dog, Phideaux, he ain’t never had no place to get outta do weather, so I make him his own leetle doghouse.”  

Priest:  “OK, anything else?”

Boudreaux:  “Well, Father, I had a leetle lumber left.  So you know, my pick’em up truck, she aint’s never had no place to get outtta de weather either, so I make her a two car garage.”

Priest:  “Now, this is getting out of hand.”

Boudreaux: “Well, Father, I still had a leetle lumber left.”

Priest:  “Yes?”

Boudreaux:  “Well, my wife, she always want a bigger house.  So I add two bedrooms and I make a new bat’room too.”

Priest:  “OK, Boudreaux.  That’s definitely too much.  For your penance, you are going to have to make a Novena.  You do know how to make a Novena, don’t you?”

Boudreaux:  “No Father, I don’t…but if you got de plans, I got de lumber!”




Note - for those of us who are not Roman Catholic (and maybe for Boudreaux's information too!) :

Definition of novena:  the recitation of prayers for nine consecutive days to achieve a particular purpose

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