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Most gracious heavenly Father, you give us all good gifts, loving us each as your own. We thank you for calling us into families and blessing us with the joy and care of children. Help us especially to remember that every child in Louisiana is one of your own and that you have called us to care for and protect your children following the example of your Only Son, Jesus.


Raise up among us prophetic voices to proclaim your justice on behalf of the children of Louisiana. Strengthen our resolve to ensure that children receive the food, education, health care, and opportunity they need for growth and the fulfillment of the lives they deserve.


Bless the work of the Louisiana Interchurch Conference and the Bread or Stones Campaign that seeks to remove poverty and other barriers to a child's well-being.


Finally, let us be unwavering in our commitment to improve the lives of all of your children, for by serving them we serve you most tenderly. We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord, who calls us to become as children that we too may enter into your kingdom. Amen.

Click here for a printable copy of this Bread or Stones Prayer

Rob Gorman, Chair of the Bread or Stones/Public Policy Task Force


History:  The L.I.C. Public Policy Task Force began forming a children's anti-poverty initiative called "Bread or Stones",

with a Resolution passed during the 41st Annual Assembly held in March of 2011.

Work continued and a revised Resolution (II) was approved in September, 2012.

After commitment and consensus by all member Judicatories of the L.I.C., the 'Bread or Stones' campaign was officially launched with press releases and a press conference in May, 2014.


  The revised Resolution (#2) included:  updated child well being statistics, a new Whereas recognizing that Louisiana has improved in some areas, a commitment to the Bread or Stones Campaign, and a Resolved section with goals based on the consensus from the Bread or Stones Committee meetings. It also called upon the LIC as an organization, individual member denominations and their local churches to support the campaign.  


  (Click here for the content of the first version of the Resolution as presented and approved in March of 2011.)  



Children's Litanies

(with statistical sources)



Louisiana-Litany with Candle-Lighting & Children's Activities






Author Credit

++Our appreciation goes out to the Rev. John A. Scott, Jr., of Trinity Presbyterian Church in Jonesville, LA for submitting the format for this litany.  It has since been updated, and similar litanies have been prepared for other states based on his work.

Want to

get more involved?

The Bread or Stones Campaign is a part of the advocacy efforts of the LIC Public Policy Task Force.  Meetings are usually held in the Baton Rouge area.  Our thanks to all who participate, with special thanks to Rep. Patricia Smith, Rep. Stephen Carter, and Rep. Joe Harrison. 

Meetings are open to the public. 

Please click here to email us or call us at 225-344-0134, if you'd like more info. on this group.




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Bread or Stones:


The Church, Children, and Poverty

in Louisiana (ref. Matthew 7:9-11)

Approximately 296,000 (*27.7%)

of Louisiana children live in poor families

(those as defined with income below 100% of the federal poverty level).

*Source:  Louisiana Budget Project  http://www.labudget.org/lbp/2014/09/louisianas-poverty-and-child-poverty-rates-remain-high/

Update:  The most current figures we have as of September 2018, now list the number of children living in poverty in Louisiana at over


  Bringing it

  down to a

  more personal


Click here

See the percentage level that relates to


 Everybody can do 'something'.

*Bread or Stones Covenant for Congregations

(*Open link with Adobe PDF program for on-screen typability and savability)

The Public Policy Task Force created a Covenant for Congregations.   While this Covenant was originally directed towards the member congregations of the Louisiana Interchurch Conference, it includes


TWO PAGES of options and ideas

that any congregations and individuals could

implement/advocate for, in their own communities. 

For instance, paying for pre-natal vitamins for those who can't afford them.  Covenant signers are encouraged to check off the respective areas that they can, or desire to be, involved in, and provide a copy of that to us with their signed Covenant page, in order to gauge the areas of participation. 

Click here for a PDF version of the Covenant that you can *type into and save.   (*Free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.0 or higher needed for type-in/save capability.)

Click here for a list of handy website links associated with many of the options and ideas as put forth in the Bread or Stone Covenant.

Members are also encouraged to submit ideas for improving the Covenant.

                       Click here for the Bread or Stones Matrix -

                      a grid showing the Targeted Areas of Concern

Click here for more information on the LIC Public Policy Task Force

and how to get involved in this Task Force.


Children's Litany

  We light a candle for . . .

Candle picture

Printable copies of this litany and similar litanies for six of our area states are available, along with coinciding footnote references for statistical numbers shown.


We light a candle for the 16.1 million children throughout the United States that are living their lives in poverty; The 27.7% of the children living in our communities in Louisiana that are affected by poverty in their families.

We light a candle for the 1 in 50 children in the United States that are homeless; The 21,000 children in public schools in Louisiana that are without a place to call home.

We light a candle for the 1 in 9 children throughout the United States living in households struggling to afford the food they needed to ensure their children would not go to sleep or to school hungry; the children that represent 23.5% of all children in Louisiana.  While one-third of the children in the United States are overweight or obese.

We light a candle for the over five million children in the United States who are uninsured; the 59,000 children in Louisiana without health insurance.

We light a candle for the teen mother and her baby that will be born every 1.5 minutes; for the 7,083 teens and their babies born in Louisiana.

We light a candle for the 7,000 children who drop out of a public high school each day; for the 26,386 children in Louisiana that drop out of high school.

We light a candle for the child that enters foster care every 2 minutes throughout the United States; for the 4,044 children in Louisiana living in foster placements; and the more than 23,000 youth that age out of foster care each year with no permanent family.

We light a candle for the 678,810 children under 18 in the United States that are abused or neglected; The more than 8,458 children that suffer from abuse or neglect each year in Louisiana; The families of the more than four children who will die today from child abuse or neglect.

We light a candle for the 580 families from around our country that call the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children each day, for the 2,185 children that go missing each day and the 797,500 children that go missing each year in the United States.

We light a candle for the 325,000 children that become victims of exploitation each year throughout North America, and the 5.5 million children that are victims of trafficking and forced labor practices around the world each year.

We light a candle for the 2,694 children that die each year in a senseless act of violence in the United States; the 87 children in Louisiana that lose their life to violence.

We light a candle for the over 1.6 million children under age 18 that are arrested or incarcerated in the United States; the 16,582 children in Louisiana affected by their criminal offenses.

We light the Christ Candle and remember that You are ever present in our lives and in the lives of your precious children of the United States, and the World.  God, we come to You in Worship today to adore and Praise you for all that you have done for us and continue to do in the lives of Your children

                                                                       ++ See notes on Author Credit


We encourage you to use this litany twice per year in your congregations, in the spring and in the fall.  The litany links (on the left side of this web page), reference litanies with titles of:  Candle Lighting Litany for Children’s Sabbath - <State>. 

The "Children's Sabbath" is one suggested time of use, to coincide with the annual event of the **National Observance of Children's Sabbath in October.


Click here for an informative bulletin insert for a Children's Sabbath.


Image result for clip art, children gift from God


** The National Observance of Children's Sabbaths is an annual event held each year, typically during the third weekend of October. However, others choose to observe the event at a different time of year that better suits the life of their congregations. Sponsored by the Children's Defense Fund, this event is a way for faith communities to celebrate children as sacred gifts of the Divine, and provides the opportunity for houses of worship to renew and live out their moral responsibility to care, protect and advocate for all children. This celebration is a part of a broader children's movement that aims to unite communities and religious congregations of all faiths across the nation in shared concern for children and a common commitment to improving their lives and working for justice on their behalf.


Additional Resources:

Click here for a list of handy website links associated with many of the options and ideas as put forth in the Bread or Stone Covenant.

    Video link - Bread or Stones overview

Louisiana Partnership for children and families



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