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Due to webspace constraints, we have archived the pictures/text info. from this meeting into a PDF file (click here). 




LIC Fall Board Meeting - Sept. 2007

Theme:  “We Have Come This Far by Faith:  Church and Community after Katrina.”

It was held September 17 – 18, 2007 at

Rayne Memorial United Methodist Church in New Orleans. 



Presentations were made by various individuals involved in Disaster Recovery with a focus on what needs have been met and what remains to be accomplished.    (We don't have electronic copies of those.)

The LIC group also toured some of the most devastated areas of New Orleans and visited some of the Disaster Relief Sites operated by our member churches.   While over 60% of New Orleans' population has returned at this point, there are still thousands of homes left to be gutted.  FEMA trailers, dumpsters, and/or debris heaps are still common sites in the front yards of homes where 2/3 of the city faced flood waters from 3 feet to over 10 feet.

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