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Volunteers are still needed to gut and/or rebuild homes along the Gulf Coast.

Group pictures from Board Meeting at Rayne Memorial UMC:


Our thanks to Father Anthony Stratis and the Church Family of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral, 1200 Robert E. Lee Blvd., New Orleans, for hosting an

Ecumenical Worship Service

to which our Board Members and the general public were invited.


The Vespers Service was held on Monday evening, September 17th.  We were treated to a bountiful dinner beforehand and welcomed into the beautiful sanctuary for a time of worship which included chants, prayers, and song.  Father Stratis was kind enough to provide us all with a printed program which included some English translations that helped us to follow along.

The Church took on 3 feet of water during Hurricane Katrina.  However, no effects of the tragedy are now visible in the Cathedral. 

Father Anthony Stratis and the

Rev. Msgr. Earl V. Provenza




LIC Fall Board Meeting - Sept. 2007

Theme:  “We Have Come This Far by Faith:  Church and Community after Katrina.”

The Semi-Annual Board of Directors Meeting for the Louisiana Interchurch Conference was held September 17 – 18, 2007 in New Orleans.  Bishop Ronald P. Herzog, President, presided.  While much of our meeting focused on the effects of Hurricane Katrina, we have not forgotten the effects of Hurricane Rita as well.


Our thanks to Rev. Callie Crawford and the helpful staff at Rayne Memorial United Methodist Church for hosting our meeting.

The Church is still undergoing some reconstruction after the steeple was blown into the roof during Katrina.  But we are happy to report that the inner main sanctuary is now completely repaired.


Presentations were made by various individuals involved in Disaster Recovery with a focus on what needs have been met and what remains to be accomplished. 

Pictured at left are:  Tom Costanza of Catholic Relief Services; Rev. Darryl Tate of United Methodist Disaster Recovery; Jessica Vermilyea of Lutheran Disaster Services; Archdeacon Dennis McManis of the Episcopal Office of Disaster Response; and Rev. Jean Marie Peacock of Presbyterian Disaster Relief.

The LIC group also toured some of the most devastated areas of New Orleans and visited some of the Disaster Relief Sites operated by our member churches. 

at the United Methodist Uptown Storm Recovery Station at PACE of GNO - operated by Catholic Charities at St. Paul's Home-coming Center operated by the Episcopalians

While over 60% of New Orleans' population has returned, there are still thousands of homes left to be gutted.  FEMA trailers, dumpsters, and/or debris heaps are still common sites in the front yards of homes where 2/3 of the city faced flood waters from 3 feet to over 10 feet.

Heavily damaged abandoned school
Relocated by water and left there
TFW and other markings are common
Workers pile up debris
Apparently abandoned
Fitting FEMA trailers where-ever one can

Volunteer Opportunity!

Volunteers are still needed to gut homes in many areas along the Gulf Coast.  Also needed are specialized workers such as electricians, plumbers, carpenters, etc.  The UMC Disaster Recovery effort has a dormitory in the New Orleans area which can house up to 60 persons.  Everything from shovels to gloves are provided, though donations are also welcome.  Teams are usually organized into one week work periods.  For more info. call Rev. Yvonne Dayries at 225/346-5193 or register online at: www.laumcstormrelief.com.

Joe Burke is manager at the UMC Uptown Station
Dormitories house up to 60 volunteers
Shelves loaded with tools: hammers, trowels, etc.
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