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Bishop Shelton J. Fabre

Over 40 leaders from around the state, (& a couple from out of state), gathered for these informative meetings.   The Most Rev. Shelton J. Fabre, the  current LIC President, and Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux, presided over the meetings.




*  A Hortatory Resolution regarding Unaccompanied Minor Immigrants/

Refugees was approved.   This resolution is an effort to tone down the rhetoric surrounding these children.  Click here for full text of this.

*  The Bread or Stones campaign continued with the submittal of a draft Covenant Agreement for congregations.  A list of areas that each Church might be able to address, was provided, with the understanding that not every Church could participate in every single area.  Input is also requested on how/if to improve the draft Covenant.

*  A $20.00 per person registration fee increase was approved by the Board.  This was necessary as the costs of the meetings was outpacing the previous $80.00 registration fee for Board Meetings.  This will take effect beginning with the March, 2015 Annual Assembly.

*  The 2015 draft Budget was approved with a salary increase for staff (first time in five years).  Part of that salary increase will come from a one-time draw from the Endowment Fund for Christian Unity.

*  Worship Service Offering applications.  The Board approved having the spring Annual Assembly Worship Service offerings go to help with the operations budget.  Previously both the spring and fall offerings went to the Endowment Fund.

2015 Week of Prayer for Christian Unity planning.  The Faith and Order Commission is due to meet on Monday, November 3rd, in Alexandria.  In the meantime, plans are to ask both of the Episcopal Dioceses of Louisiana to spearhead the efforts for statewide involvement between various denominations, for 2015.  

The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity is held annually from Jan 18th through Jan 25th.

Litany of Thanksgiving updates are requested, by February 1, 2015.  As discussed at the Annual Assembly, many feel that things have changed for their denominations and more effectual representation for each is needed.   The current litany is around 25 years old.

* Fr. Dan Krutz extended a tearful thank you to all who have been praying for and financially donating to his mother, siblings, and nieces and nephews, after a flash fire in Tennessee completely destroyed their home.  They barely escaped with their lives.  He thanked the many who have so graciously responded to a fund set up for them, and he mentioned that the UMC gave an extraordinary blessing, when they contributed a $1,500. check.  His family has now been able to rent a house; thanks to all of you!



Minutes from the Business Meetings will be available later, and will be distributed to Board Members when these minutes become available.   Our many thanks to Pastor Dale Farley for his consistent efforts year after year, to keep us supplied with such, in his volunteer role as elected Secretary on the Executive Committee of the L.I.C. Board of Directors


Our thanks to the Lafayette Tourism Bureau for providing ditty bags for all attendees.

And many thanks to Bruce Foods, through the efforts of Madre Annie Etheredge, for their generous donation of five very nice "Cajun Style" door prizes!  

Our first door prize winner was the Rev. Msgr. Carson LaCaze who won a Cajun Injector Marinade Kit.

The Rev. Dr. Larry Cross also won a marinade kit.

The Rev. Dr. Cory Sparks and Rev. Paul Pic each won a six-pack variety of Louisiana HOT SAUCE.   Oh, boy!

And Mrs. Mary Jane Jones won the Swamp Dynasty Lagniappe Cookbook.

Congrats to all!



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Social Media &

the Church

Fall Board Meeting

held:  Sept. 22 & 23, 2014, at the

Hilton Hotel in Lafayette, LA

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Incarceration and



   “Proclaiming and Living the Good News Today

Bishop Michael Rinehart of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, TX/LA Gulf Coast Synod, led the Opening Prayer

Rev. Laura Everett

Click here or on the below picture to be taken to her slideshow presentation

Navigation arrows are below each slide as you go through the presentation.


Or Click here for slide presentation in



Our Keynote Speaker:

was the Rev. Laura Everett, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Council of Churches.   

While addressing the theme, Rev. Everett shared her experiences with social media and the church, as well as providing instruction on how to explore these avenues of outreach.

Why and How to begin social media for ministry?

Rev. Everett provided a workshop in two parts: the first about adaptive change- what’s this new media landscape and what does it mean for how we communicate in the church?  The second part was technical: so what are the tools and how to use them?

First session goals:
1. Make a theological and practical case for social media for the work of Christian Unity.
2. Show the paradigm shift from broadcast to social media
3. Create a collaborative, non-competitive environment for leaning about digital ministry

Second session goals:
1. Bring us all to a basic level of understanding of the tools available and what we can use for ecumenical digital ministry (start with Facebook)
2. Begin to formulate a Social Media Plan with Facebook

Please click on each for printable information

   What on Earth is Twitter?

   Digital Ministry Resource Guide and Worksheet  

Article:  Beyond the Printing Press, Thinking Theologically about Social Media


    All speaker sessions were free and open to the general public

Our Guest Speaker, was Mr. Whalen Gibbs, Assistant Secretary of the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections.  Mr. Gibbs provides programmatic oversight of adult correctional institutions and primary administrative responsibility for the Office of Offender ReEntry.

Click here for a scan of the brochure Mr. Gibbs provided on current Louisiana Department of Corrections reentry programs.

Mr. Whalen Gibbs

Mr. Gibbs' presentation on mass incarceration included encouraging news of the successes of the Louisiana DOC re-entry programs.  An average of 17,000 inmates are released each year.  Educating inmates vocationally before they re-enter society is a key element, but he said that many arrive in prison with no moral compass -- and without that they will not improve.  He spoke of mentor programs where Lifers are taking short-term inmates and helping them to turn their lives around.  It gives hope and encouragement to the Lifers to know that they can make a difference for someone else, even though it is too late for them to have a life outside of prison walls.  However, Mr. Gibbs also told of one particular Lifer, who had such an extraordinary record in prison with mentoring and educational accomplishments, that Governor Jindal eventually granted him a pardon.  He is now a productive member of society. 

Below are YouTube Videos uploaded from Mr. Gibbs presentation info.:

Angola Re-Entry - changing lives, becoming assets to society http://youtu.be/MCyg2zMTO8A

A 10 minute Video showing snapshots of various educational and moral value processes.

A New Focus:  An Inside Look at Angola's Reentry Program http://youtu.be/JtPTiSoYoxE    This 17 minute video is produced by LSP-TV, the world's only inmate run TV station.  This shows more about the mentoring program where inmates are transferred from other prisons to be paired with Lifers at Angola, to help them get on, and stay on the right track.

A time of Worship:

Our thanks to Bishop Roy Winbush and the choir, musicians, and members of Gethsemane Church of God in Christ on E. Pinhook Rd., in Lafayette, for hosting the evening Ecumenical Worship Service on September 22, 2014


Bp Gatlin and Rev. Tolbert

Rev. Sam Tolbert, who was recently elected as the 15th President of the National Baptist Convention of America, International, Inc., was a surprise guest.  Bishop Alton Gatlin, President of the Sunday School Dept. of the COGIC, noticed him in the congregation, and began an introduction, speaking anonymously of a young man devoted to the Lord that he was watched for many years, surprising Rev. Tolbert when he called him up to the podium with continued accolades.  

Rev. Tolbert responded, saying that he just had to drive over from Lake Charles --

"to be a part of all that energy that's going to be

in the building at Gethsemane!"  

How accurate his assessment was!   A spirited time of worship was had by all at the Evening Ecumenical Worship Service.  The Gethsemane Choir and musicians put heart and soul into the worship music.  A liturgical dance was also included in the service.

Superintendent Maurice Johnson, provided us with a brief history of the COGIC.  He went back to Charles Harrison Mason, born in 1864 to former slaves that loved the Lord.  He was baptized as a Baptist.  But in 1897 he felt the winds of change as he studied more in Acts & Romans, and he wanted to be sanctified and filled with the Holy Spirit.  This led him to Azusa Street in 1907, and he was filled with the Holy Ghost.   Elder Mason became the first COGIC bishop, and the COGIC is now the largest Pentecostal Church in America.

While the service was considered ecumenical, it was conducted in the COGIC tradition.   We were happy to learn more about this new member Church!

Pastor Warren Milson of First Holy Ghost Church of God in Christ, of Abbeville, LA, preached a thought provoking sermon.   He listed statistics regarding all of the promises found in the Bible, and said if we are going to live as God's people, we MUST believe in His promises.   When we truly have faith in God, we will not be shaken by anything this world puts us through.   He said that after salvation, there is the process of sanctification where you start learning how to live in and for God.  How to walk, talk, act, and think.  Stagger not at the promises of God.  Trust in God and don't lose your balance.   God will always keep His promises!

Rev. Warren

Milson, III

Traveled from Abbeville to preach the evening sermon.

Bishop Winbush & Father Krutz

A special prayer was said at the end of the service for God's grace on Christians and their children facing persecution and/

or death at the hands of ISIS.

And after the service, we grabbed a picture of three ecumenical friends... while their busy schedules had them all together!

Bishop Roy L. Winbush of the Church of God in Christ, Rev. Dan Krutz of the Episcopal Diocese of LA, and Rev. Sam Tolbert, of the National Baptist Convention of America, International, Inc.


Our sincere appreciation to all who contributed to the evening offering for the LIC Endowment Fund for Christian Unity.   Originally over $1,850.00 was raised, which was remarkable!  The highest offering ever received for the LIC at a worship service.  However, the COGIC Bishops decided they like rounding up numbers, and so several Pastors donated even more, to make the offering over $2,000.00!   God be praised!

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