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Our thanks to the thirty-six religious leaders and lay persons who participated.  Each of you are so important to our shared vision of



Our thanks to Fr. James Ferguson and the staff at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church for their kind hospitality in hosting us!

We also offer sincere appreciation to the St. Francis Xavier Altar Society who graciously served and helped with details for the evening banquet, and to Dr. Mary Deville for sharing her talents on the pipe organ during the Monday evening worship service.



UMC Board Designate, the Rev. Dr. Van A. Stinson, was elected as the new LIC Treasurer, (a vote required after Rev. Jan Curwick moved to another job location).


And Mrs. Sandy O'Brien, a certified CPA, was elected as Assistant Treasurer.


Thank you both for your

willingness to serve!

Door Prize Fun

On Monday, all of the door prizes given out were donated by Mrs. Marie Ducote-Comeaux.  Thank you, Marie!

The Rev. Dr. Larry Cross of LHFMBSC
The zebra -striped bag contained various bracelets & some beaded hoop earrings.  We gave folks a choice on which prize bag to pick.
Dr. Larry Cross chose this prize because he knew his wife would love the bag - he's going to earn points at home!    :)

Rev. Susan Lassalle won a Ladies' manicure kit and some Tiger jewelry (in LSU colors -- earrings and a necklace).

The Rev. Susan Lassalle, of UCC

Pastor Dale Farley, of the ELCA

Pastor Dale Farley won a Warm Cinnamon Pumpkin scented classic home candle made by Celebrating Home

On Tuesday, our first door prize was donated by the Alexandria Visitors Bureau.  Our thanks to them for this culinary prize and for all of the ditty bags as well!

Fr. Scott Chemino, RC Diocese of Alexandria

Fr. Scott Chemino won the Alexandria Oven Mitt, Cajun Seasoning, and Cajun Cornbread Mix.

And the last door prize was given by the LIC, and it just so happened that a Lutheran won it.  :)

Rev. Irma Bañales, of the ELCA

Rev. Irma Bañales won a booklet that contained the 95 Theses as well as add'l works from Luther that coincided with each of the 95 theses.



And just a few more shots of friendly faces:


Mrs. Mary Collins, of CWU Caught Mrs. Collins enjoying her bag of chips.  Okay, maybe she wanted to eat without photos?   lol


Fr. Mike Moroney, RC Diocese of B.R.

With Rev. Jan Curwick's resignation as Treasurer, Fr. Mike Moroney bravely provided an impromptu overview of the finance reports.   He finished up by quipping in his slightly Irish accent, "And if you have any questions about this, ask Jan, because I don't know!"

Mr. Samuel Rottman & Mr. Hugh Straub

Mrs. Marie Ducote-Comeaux; Fr. Dan Krutz; and Rev. Barbara Driscoll


Msgr. Carson Lacaze, during one of the break times, looking up toward Heaven.   Maybe to say a prayer for all?  Always a good thing to do.



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Commemorating the

500th Anniversary

of the Reformation

(October 2017)


"The Church, the Reformation and

the Quest for Unity"

was the theme of the LIC

Fall Board Meeting held

September 25-26, 2017

at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church

in Alexandria, LA

   Dr. Denis Janz gave us a candid look at the works of Martin Luther, saying that some loved Luther and some hated him, both with valid reasons.  He said that Luther was an excessive beer drinker with an extremely vulgar vocabulary, and yet God used this man to fuel a dire need for change in the direction of the church.  Luther believed that the Pope did not know of the abuses going on in the church with the selling of Indulgences.  Luther’s 95 Theses were originally intended to highlight such abuses, though, at the time, he did not condemn the Indulgences themselves.  Later Luther would spur more dramatic changes as he preached that “Justification is by Faith Alone.”   

Dr. Janz did not have any notes to give us that we could publish here from his presentation, but he did recommend his "Handbook to Martin Luther," a short paperback published by Westminster John Knox Press. It is arranged alphabetically, so people can look up topics they were interested in (e.g. justification).


Our keynote speaker was Dr. Denis R. Janz

Provost Distinguished Professor of the History of Christianity

   During his presentation, Dr. Janz displayed a typical Indulgence, written in Latin, and offered to sell it.  There was good-natured laughter but no takers.  


Some of the Business Session Activities:

A presentation was given by guest speaker, Mr. Rick Wheat, President and CEO of the United Methodist Children’s Homes.  He cited the urgent and future needs of the orphaned and marginalized children in this state.  Louisiana United Methodist Children and Family Services is one of our state’s leading faith-based providers of child welfare and behavioral health services. Providing care to children and families in communities throughout Louisiana, each year they touch the lives of nearly 25,000 people. The three Methodist Children's Homes in Louisiana have more than 600 skilled and caring employees.  While donations are always needed for the LMCH they also seek host families, as one of Louisiana's most critical needs is high quality therapeutic foster care.  They offer training and support for these foster families.  The churches have always been the first to step up to help those in need, and while the government has joined in this effort, its budgets are over extended and the church must be ready to step in when & where government aid fails.  Find out more at: http://www.lmch.org/

Mr. Samuel Rottman, Bread or Stones Coordinator

Samuel Rottman, Coordinator for Bread or Stones

Mr. Samuel Rottman followed that with a presentation on the LIC's Bread or Stones anti-poverty initiative for children.  Our churches are the first and most lasting line of defense/support for these children .  The Bread or Stones program offers practical ideas that churches and individuals can use so that everyone can be a part of the solution.   Churches can join the program as "Covenant Churches," through simple commitments to pray and seek God's will on what they can do as individuals and collectively as a united group.

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity:  This is held annually on January 18th - 25th.  Every church in our membership is encouraged to take the lead in planning the 2018 Week of Prayer for Christian Unity services in your respective areas.  This week of January provides a wonderful opportunity to cross denominational, racial, and other divisional lines.

Dr. Cory Sparks, Chair of the Stewardship of the Environment Commission included information in his report on Highlighting Coastal Care in honor of St. Francis of Assisi day.  (The highlighted link goes to the LIC website resources page where you can find a bulletin insert for use in church services at some point in October.)  As always, we are all encouraged to protect and care for our environment in any way possible.

An environmental Resolution was put forth and approved to make 2018 a year of prayer for “Cancer Alley” in Louisiana.  Cancer Alley is a well-known area along the Mississippi River between Baton Rouge and New Orleans, which contains numerous industrial plants.  In this River Parishes area, higher than normal cancer rates are found, as well as an abnormally high rate of rare cancers.


Elections:  Rev. Jan Curwick has moved to another job location.  Rev. Van Stinson of the UMC was voted in as the new Treasurer to replace her, and Mrs. Sandy O’Brien, a licensed CPA, was voted in as the Assistant Treasurer.  (See photos further above on this page.)  A vacant Board-Member-at-Large position will be addressed at the Annual Assembly in March.

Budgeting:  The 2018 proposed budget was approved, with some necessary cuts.  Many Judicatory members are generously maintaining or increasing their pledges for 2018; thank you all so much!  However, LIC is expecting overall Judicatory funding to be reduced next year. 


Hurricane Updates:  Bishop Cynthia F. Harvey gave an update on the UMC’s disaster response to Hurricane Harvey, including a side comment that she was quite disgruntled that ‘they’ named the storm “Harvey.”  Rev. Irma Bañales kept quiet on the use of her name for the other recent hurricane. 

Many of our member churches have been and still are actively supporting the recent hurricane victims, even as work is continuing to help those still recovering and/or displaced by the major floods of 2016.


All business sessions and the evening banquet were held in Xavier Hall of the St. Francis Xavier Cathedral Church Complex.  Again, we sincerely thank Fr. James Ferguson for so graciously hosting us!  Our thanks as well to Fr. Scott Chemino, Regional Coordinator for the area.  These two men went out of their way to accommodate the group including extra perks such as tablecloths and flowers, and china and silverware for the evening banquet.  

Evening Worship in St. Francis Xavier

Cathedral, Monday, Sept. 25th:



Rev. Supt.

Woodrow Davis




Fr. James Ferguson, JCL, Rector of St. Francis Xavier Catholic Cathedral, leading the processional.


Rev. Irma Bañales preached at the ecumenical evening worship service held in the beautiful and historic St. Francis Xavier Cathedral.  Many others participated in the service as well (a few of them are shown in photos here).   


     Rev. Bañales stated that she is a sister, daughter, mother, and grandmother, but now she feels united in Christ with this opportunity to share the Word with all of these brothers and sisters.  She spoke of the unity in her family that her mother always insisted on, and how her mother expects her to carry on that torch with her 9 siblings.  She was excited when her Bishop told her to be ecumenical, saying that she can hang around with believers from many other denominations and not get in trouble!  She went through the list of the denominations represented by the LIC and stated that the peoples of the LIC are ambassadors – bringing people together in unity.


 Rev. Irma Bañales,

 Evening preacher



  Bishop Michael

         G. Duca,

LIC President



 Mrs. Mary Collins

 President of CWU


LIC President, Bishop Michael Duca, observed in his closing statements that he heard in Rev. Bañales sermon:

“Unity does not happen by accident;

it must be purposed.”

Thanks to all who chose to come to pray and worship with us!


A few photos after the evening service:

Fr. Dan Krutz; Rev. Irma Bañales; The Most Rev. Michael G. Duca, LIC President; and Bishop Cynthia Harvey, LIC President-Elect. 


Mr. Samuel Rottman; Mrs. Mary Collins; and Fr. Jim Ferguson


Rev. Supt. Woodrow Davis; Rev. Joe Hill; and Mr. Rob Gorman


A photo from the evening banquet - thanks again to Fr. Ferguson for allowing us to have it catered in Xavier Hall, and for the Altar Society's hospitality to all there!


Thanks to all who attended the

Fall Board Meeting!


The next Board Meeting will be the

Annual Assembly in Baton Rouge

March 5 - 6, 2018

See you there!


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