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Fall Board Meeting 2018 -

more information and pictures



"What in the world did Dr. Seuss have to do with this Fall Board Meeting?"

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Bishop Cynthia F. Harvey’s Presidential report covered a range of societal needs and advocacy applications.

  She stated:  “There has never been a better time for the church to be the church. The ministry of the LIC continues to serve as a witness in our very fractured world.”  Please read her full report here.  



Click here for Rev. Dan Krutz' comprehensive Executive Director's Report.

His report included involvement in many events/activities.  As usual, Fr. Dan seemed to be 'everywhere!'



Click here for Dr. Stephanie Gaskill's report on the progress of the 70Times7 Initiative

This Initiative focuses on fostering a better public understanding of people convicted of violent crimes and sex offenses in the hopes that these individuals will be included in future criminal justice reform efforts.  Find out more at:




Click here for the

Farm Aid Report

Remember - Please support your local farmers when you are able to by purchasing local products. 




A few more pictures of folks we happened to catch with the camera:


Nancy Shaw (a guest for the speaker sessions), Madre Etheredge (EDO-W.LA), & Rev. Nancy Andrews (ELCA)


We certainly do appreciate

all of the guests

that joined us!



Rev . Rev. Dr. Timothy Jones (BM&E Convention) and Rev. Dr. Earl Griffin (CME Church)

Rev . Rev. Dr. Timothy  Jones (BM&E Convention) and Rev. Dr. Earl Griffin (CME Church)


Bishop Cynthia Harvey and a guest for the speaker sessions – Rev. Katie McKay Simpson (both are UMC)

Bishop Cynthia Harvey and a guest for the speaker sessions – Rev. Katie McKay Simpson (both are UMC)


  Fr. Nsambu (RC Diocese of H-T) and one of our guests that came for the speaker sessions: Rev. Ally Perry (EDO-W.LA)

Fr. Nsambu (RC Diocese of H-T) and Rev. Ally Perry (EDO-W.LA).  Rev. Perry was another guest that came for the speaker sessions.




Again, thanks to all who

attended the

Fall Board Meeting!


The next board meeting will be at the

Annual Assembly in Lafayette

March 11 - 12, 2019

See you there!





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“Living out the Word

through Advocacy”

LIC Fall Board Meeting held

September 24-25, 2018

at the St. Charles Retreat Center in Lake Charles, LA


The rest of the story ...

More Business Session Activities:

Proposed Constitution and By-Laws change

At the previous Board Meeting, a resolution was made to create a study group regarding a possible amendment to the LIC Constitution and ByLaws for clarification on the approval of hortatory and binding resolutions, particularly concerning issues that might be time-sensitive.  Executive Committee member, Catherine Townsend said the 'teacher in her' inspired her to make some simple posters to keep everyone on the same page when discussing the differences in the language. ... And that is where Dr. Seuss (and a cowboy as well) enter the scene!

Hortatory Resolutions


a)  Annual Assembly

     delegates approve


b)  Conference as a

     whole (c.o.w.) is

     encouraged to act

Binding Resolutions

a)  Need delegates

     and all Judicatory

     heads to approve


b)  It is a Judicatory


     to action

Here is the link for the printed digest of the proposed amendments as was provided to the Board meeting participants to start this discussion from.

In the above, link, the study group had a section (d) as a recommendation for an option for a Presidential Statement.  This was also discussed at this meeting as a possible separate Resolution that would not change the original Constitution.  However, there was concern voiced that allowing this option might result in a Presidential Statement which might not reflect the values of ALL Judicatory Leaders. 

Constitutional Amendments can only be enacted

at the Annual Assembly and therefore the entire matter

will be discussed further in March.

Pastoral Statement Resolution


A resolution was passed regarding the Fiftieth Year Anniversary of LIC:  “In commemoration of its 50th anniversary, the LIC Board recommends to the LIC Judicatory leaders the issuance of an LIC pastoral statement on Christian Unity and current social conditions in Louisiana. This pastoral statement will review progress made by the LIC over the last 50 years in these two areas and the challenges facing Louisiana in the next 50 years. Those Judicatory leaders interested in participating would appoint a writing committee to draft the pastoral for their approval. The pastoral would be issued during either the Week of Christian Unity in 2020 in the 50th anniversary year, or during the Week of Christian Unity in 2021.” 

Budgeting:  The 2019 proposed budget was approved, with a few small expense increases, made possible, as overall Judicatory funding is expected to increase enough to match some needed increases.  Thanks be to God and to our faithful Judicatory membership!

As always, this ministry is a Team Effort!

Evening Worship in the chapel at the St. Charles Center, Monday, Sept. 24th:

Our thanks to

    Deacon Erroll

     DeVille who

     prepared the

   evening program

     and officiated

     at the service.


Rev. Edward Alexander,

 Evening preacher

Rev. Edward Alexander preached at the ecumenical evening worship service.  In his sermon, he quoted numerous scriptures, one right after the other, with their references.

Rev. Dr. Earl Griffin and

  Mrs. Catherine


gave readings.

Photos in this section are courtesy of Mr. Morris LeBleu, Diocesan Officer of Communications - thank you!!!

FAITH was the focus of Rev. Alexander’s sermon.  Faith comes by hearing the Word of God over and over again.  Talk FAITH to yourself – what you say affects your faith!!  Some of the scriptures he began with were Mark 11:23 - faith enough to move a mountain; Proverbs 18:21 - death and life are in the power of the tongue; Proverbs 6:2 - snared by the words of our mouth (he slipped in a quip at this point:  Like when you said:  “I do”); and Mark 4:23 – having ears to hear.  Then he told all to be careful WHAT you hear, and encourage yourself in CHRIST’S word.  Phil. 4:23 – I can do all things through Christ; Isaiah 53:5 with His stripes we are healed; Isaiah 54:17 – no weapon formed against us shall prosper; 1st John 4:4 – greater is He that is in you; 1st John 4:5 – they are of the world therefore speak they of the world, and the world heareth them; Romans 1:17 – the just shall live by FAITH.  When was the last time you thought about the spare tire in your car?  You know that you need it, but you rarely think about it.  We cannot afford to treat God like a spare tire.

Thanks to all who chose to come to pray and worship with us!


A couple of photos after the evening worship service:

CME members: Rev. Dr. Earl & Mrs. Marilyn Griffin, and Ms. Naomi Beverly of the Women's Missionary Society, South Louisiana Region; LMBSC President, Rev. Edward Alexander; LIC Executive Director Rev. Dan Krutz (EDOLA); and BM&E Convention President, Rev. Dr. Timothy Jones (He is also the LIC President-Elect).


Deacon Erroll DeVille (RC Diocese of Lake Charles); Rev. Edward Alexander (who was the evening preacher); Fr. Dan Krutz; and Order of St. Lazarus members, Mr. & Mrs. Halloran and Mr. Hugh Straub (who is also the Judicatory leader to the LIC for the Order).

Morning  prayer on Tuesday, back in the Chapel at the St. Charles Retreat Center with the serenity of nature visible through the expansive floor-to-ceiling windows ...


Fr. Dan Krutz gave the meditation, titled “A Call To Prayer,” which highlighted the Week of Prayer.  He also called it the ‘octave’ of prayer since it actually lasts for 8 days.  However, he said that all should be living the Week of Prayer throughout the entire year.  “Justice, Only Justice, You Shall Pursue” (from Deuteronomy 16:20) is the W.O.P. theme for 2019.  This theme was chosen by Indonesian Christians.  They live in a nation that is 70% muslim.  It is made up of over 17,000 islands and has 740 local languages and 1 national language.  With so many cultures, they have a motto, “Unity in Diversity.”  But Indonesia has had extensive problems with corruption, hence the choosing of the Justice theme.  Fr. Dan then told the story of a person looking to get his pants pressed and finally seeing a sign that seemed to be the place!  But it was a shop selling “signs” instead.  Are we just selling signs or are we living it out?  Be wary of 2 kinds of people:  Those who serve and do not worship, and those who worship but do not serve.  “Renew your church, oh Lord, beginning with me.”

2018 Year of Prayer for Cancer Alley

Click here to find out more

about this year of prayer

Brand new Board Member, Fr. Jean-Marie Nsambu led most of the readings, which also included leading all in the Prayer for Cancer Alley.

Fr. Jean-Marie Nsambu at morning prayer mtg

Prayer for Cancer Alley


Yours, O LORD, is the glory; for all in the heavens and the earth is yours.  We give thanks for the Mississippi River in Louisiana.  We're grateful for the people of the region - many have lived there for generations.  We acknowledge that industry has polluted the land, air and water.  We have failed to protect our workers and turned communities into Cancer Alley.  Bless them Lord.  Send your spirit to pluck them out of the snare, so they can lead with integrity and our community can be blessed.

   We offer this prayer in the name of Jesus, the Great Physician.    Amen.




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