527 North Boulevard - 4th Floor
Baton Rouge, LA 70802

Hampton Inn-W Monroe

Meeting held

September 23-24, 2019

at the Hampton Inn

in West Monroe, LA

with just over 30 participants


Some of the Business Session Activities:

Immigrant resolution passed:  With the unprecedented number of immigrants crossing our borders and the detaining of such, the LIC issued a "Statement on Vast Expansion of Immigrant Detention in Louisiana."  Click here for the text of the hortatory resolution.

Planning for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity:  This event is held annually on January 18th - 25th.  The 2020 theme is:  "They Showed Us Unusual Kindness" (from Acts 28:2).  Every church in our membership is encouraged to take the lead in planning the 2020 Week of Prayer for Christian Unity services in your respective areas. In a world of such political divisions and strife it is more important than ever that Christians exemplify kindness towards one another and to the stranger.  This week of January provides a wonderful opportunity to cross denominational, racial, and other divisional lines.

LIC's BREAD OR STONES anti-poverty initiative for children continues its outreach, with Chair, Rob Gorman, taking an even more active role now that he has retired from his full-time job.  The Casey Kid's Count reported this year that the number of children in Louisiana in poverty has increased over 1%.  That translates into thousands more children in need!  Louisiana is now unfortunately rated as 50th in economic well-being for children.  We encourage churches to join the program as "Covenant Churches," through simple commitments to pray and seek God's will on what they can do as individuals and collectively as a united group.  Here is a link to the Bread or Stones web site.  Click here for the Link to the Annie E. Casey Foundation 2019 Kids Count Profile for Louisiana.


Monday Judicatory Panel


Dr. Burton, Bp Deshotel, Dr. Griffin

Rev. Dr. Nadine Burton,

Bishop Douglas Deshotel,

and Rev. Dr. Earl Griffin

Presenters responded to the keynote speaker's

Monday presentation

Bishop Deshotel spoke first and said that his Diocese has the largest percentage of Black Catholics in the nation and faith is very much intertwined with their culture, though priests have to learn aspects of each culture.  As an example: Creole Black Catholics are different from Acadiana Black Catholics.  In attempting to meet the needs of the diversity of Catholics in the Diocese, the Bishops and clergy have earnestly attempted to address the cultural differences so that the different groups are respected and appreciated.  A beloved Saint, Mother Katharine Drexel gave much of her family fortune for Black schools and Xavier University, which has been a lasting contribution to racial and economic justice.

Dr. Griffin spoke next.  He referred to Social Justice in the Old Testament - covering widows, orphans, aliens, and the poor.  He said that today that might be expanded to include elderly, single parents, etc.  He gave a rhetorical question: "Where is the Church?"  The church is at work - caring for people.  For him Social Justice is not just a talking point, it is a way of life.  "You should always be helping others.  You don't just bandage someone, you help make them whole.  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Dr. Burton spoke last in the panel presentation, and noted the challenges faced after the Obama administration.  Many Blacks feel that the current administration has turned the clock back on racial and social justice.  She referred to the 'Myth of White America' and she used the writings of James Baldwin to explain the long history of the struggle for racial justice.


On to some

Door Prize Fun

We offer our sincere thanks to the Monroe/West Monroe convention bureau for donating all of our door prizes for this meeting! 

Recipients received various items such as travel mugs, souvenir mugs, oven mitts, and or notepads.

door prize pic

These guys and gals below sure do pose well for pictures - what a terrific bunch you all are!  Our lucky door prize winners were:

Sister Miriam MacLean

Sister Miriam MacLean - this was also her first time to attend a meeting. 


Nothing is rigged, it is just luck of the draw!


Ms. Natasha Smith. 

This is her 2nd time to participate in an LIC meeting.

Ms. Natasha Smith

Jeanne Delahoussaye

Ms. Jeanne Delahoussaye (a guest delegate who attends with Church Women United)


Hugh Straub

And our final winner was Mr. Hugh Straub, a long-time Judicatory Leader with the LIC.  (He has won something in the past, and he has got 'the pose' down pat!  LOL.)


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2019 Fall Board Meeting


Leaf pic1

The Black Church,

Prophetic Ministry

and Social Justice

Leaf pic2

The keynote speaker

was The Rev. Dr.

Leslie Copeland-Tune

Leslie Copeland-Tune

The Rev. Dr. Leslie Copeland-Tune was recently hired to fill the newly-created position of Chief Operating Officer for the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA.  She is one of America’s notable ecumenical leaders and is a tireless advocate for peace and justice.  A New York native, she was ordained into the ministry 20 years ago and has worked for a number of faith-based organizations.


 "From Slaves ... To Freedom ... To Justice"

Dr. Tune's presentation included a lot of interactive dialogue with meeting participants.   Click here for an electronic version of her presentation.

Group pic-left side FBOD2019Group pic-right side FBOD2019

Group picture at Fall Board Meeting during a presentation with Dr. Tune


    **  **  ***  **  ***  **

Logan Burke

Logan Atkinson Burke

Executive Director

Alliance for Affordable Energy



Jan Wawrzyniak

Jan Wawrzyniak

Director of 211 Program

United Way - Northeast Louisiana

On Monday, Ms. Burke spoke to the group regarding the comparatively high rates of energy that Louisianans use in comparison to other states in the country.  Some families are spending 30% of their income on utility bills and churches are often being called upon to help these families.  She said that this is an extreme energy burden that could be tackled with energy efficiency programs to reduce energy bills every month of the year, rather than depending on one-time band aid solutions.   

Click here for link to her presentation, and click here for a link to a survey they are conducting with/to engage faith leaders and their administrators with long-term solutions to high energy costs.

On Tuesday, Ms. Wawrzyniak updated the group on long term recovery, coordinated disaster relief planning and efforts, and the 211 program.  Long term recovery continues after all of the temporary volunteers and help are exhausted.  The 211 program exists statewide with 24/7 call in availability to connect persons in need with possible solutions.  It's a "one-stop" shop: call, email, text, visit to help people navigate through all known services available from Governmental and Non-Profit agencies.  They field questions on a wide assortment of needs, such as 'Where to find sandbags' or 'How to get a wheel chair ramp built.'  Click here for link to Ms. Wawrzyniak's presentation.

P.S. Jan is soon to retire after serving 30 years with the United Way.  Congratulations!


Mount Olivet Baptist Church, 500 Swayze Street • Monroe

The Evening Ecumenical Worship Service was held at

Mount Olivet Baptist Church, 500 Swayze Street • Monroe

Rev. Billups preaching

Rev. Billups preaching with guest ministers on platform as well.

Rev. Billups titled his sermon:

“As You Would Like.”


Rev. Billups invited other area ministers from other denominations/races to speak/participate in various aspects of the evening service.  The Mount Olivet Adult Choir inspired us all in leading with songs of worship.  There was a large turnout of Mount Olivet church members, even though they had just finished a series of revival services the day before.  Mount Olivet recently celebrated their 70th Anniversary!  Congratulations!


Rev. Billups’ sermon was based on Matthew 7:12, basically saying, “Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You.”  He said The Sermon On The Mount teaches us how to live with one another.  The Church should not be prejudiced.  Treat others how you would desire to be treated.  He spoke of moral and ethical problems going all the way back to the Old Testament where men did what was right in their own eyes, rather than what was right in the sight of the Lord.  If LIC is to achieve unity, we must refuse to do or say anything that will harm ourselves OR others.  We can even help those who desire to harm us.  We are the salt of the Earth.  Salt in any wound will burn.  We are to reflect the light of Jesus.  The light will show up dirt.  “It was at the cross where I first saw the light.”  Rev. Billups spoke of a white settler in Africa who thought a black man came to steal from him and cut that man’s hand off.  But that supposed thief later saved the white man’s life.  The settler was shocked when he realized who had helped him, but the supposed thief had already forgiven the settler because the black man said that he had heard the words of Christ.  What response are WE showing to the world?


LIC President, Rev. Dr. Timothy Jones brought greetings at the beginning of the service, and at the close of the service, then saying, “We have been blessed and challenged tonight.”

Dr. Jones addressing the congregation

Dr. Timothy Jones, LIC President, addressing the congregation.


Our sincere thanks to Rev. Billups and the congregation

and choir of Mount Olivet Baptist Church!



 More photos:

Several new and almost new folks at FBOD mtg 2019

Mr. Harold Petteway, Sister Miriam MacLean, Rev. Jessie Faye Manuel, Ms. Carolyn Griffin, Sister Mary Houseal, and Mrs. Stephanie Bernard. 

All but two of the above were first-time participants.  For Ms. Griffin & Mrs. Bernard, this was their second time to participate in a Board Meeting (they both first attended at the March 2019 Annual Assembly). 

Welcome to all!


Rev. Dan Krutz (sitting), Dr. Earl Griffin, Dr. Leslie Tune,

Dr. Tim Jones, and Mr. Phillip Anglin

Happy Birthday was sung to several folks who had a birthday today or soon coming.  Keynote speaker, Dr. Leslie Copeland-Tune will be 50 the day after this Board Meeting ended, and LIC President, Dr. Tim Jones will also be 50 soon thereafter, and celebrating 25 years of service to his church, Peaceful Rest Missionary Baptist Church, in Shreveport, LA.  The LIC has purchased an ad in the souvenir booklet that will be published at the church's November gala celebration.




Thanks to all who attended the

Fall Board Meeting!


The next board meeting will be the

50th Annual Assembly

to be held at the Catholic Life Center in Baton Rouge, LA

on March 2 - 3, 2020

See you there!


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