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Louisiana Interchurch Conference

Fall Board Meeting

September 18–19, 2006, Monroe, LA


Theme:  “How does the LIC move together in practical ways from membership to mission?


Topic of Conversation  – Use of task forces

Communicate by Task Forces at regional meetings in response to identified needs; issue timely press statements inviting participation from community; use a broad media base.


Convener – Fr. Scott Chemino


Participants – Mrs. Ann Ball, Dr. Cory Sparks, Fr. Scott Chemino



Key Points of the Conversation –


  • Regional Task Forces (Relay local issues/needs to LIC)
  • Calling for LIC statements when possible
  • Brand our actions as “LIC”


Action Steps / Resources –


  • Does present structure impede?
  • Maintain value of serving local community needs/issues
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