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Louisiana Interchurch Conference Fall Board Meeting

September 18–19, 2006, Monroe, LA


Theme:  “How does the LIC move together in practical ways from membership to mission?


Topic of Conversation  – Is LIC an Originator, Warehouse, Distributor, or

                                                        Merchant?   {Serving a customer}


Convener – Dr. Alan Cutter


Participants – Rev. Joe Hill, Fr. Scott Chemino, Mrs. Ann Ball, Dr. Cory Sparks, Bishop Ronald Herzog, Rev. Paul Pic, Fr. Dan Krutz


Key Points of the Conversation –


  1. Historical reason for being – to display the visible unity of the people of Christ (week of  prayer for unity)
  2. LIC always fluid – perhaps having a “middle-aged identity crisis”?
  3. Personal relationships have had a great effect on public ministry
  4. Currently seeing a new focus on incarnational theology (impetus for originating mission)
  5. Ideas have been brought to the LIC warehouse and have been successfully spun off (e.g. prison chapels)
  6. Commissions have been good distributors; what about regional task forces?  - perhaps responding to a new need
  7. We do not know all of the programs we do – need a good history – perhaps an e-mail list to send stories to churches for newsletters?  Would help better “branding”.
  8. LIC has a real strength as a “connecting group”
  9. “Mission” is activity that touches people


Action Steps / Resources –


  • Facilitate getting groups together around common interests – environment; disaster relief
  • Possible “How To” pamphlets to facilitate ecumenical dialogue
  • Offer interpretation of The Lord’s Supper – Taken, Blessed, Broken, Shared.   LIC effective when addressing “broken” lives/systems
  • An event yearly (repeated) which lifts up the LIC


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