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Louisiana Interchurch Conference

Fall Board Meeting

September 18–19, 2006, Monroe, LA


Theme:  “How does the LIC move together in practical ways from membership to mission?


Topic of Conversation  –  Strategies for building trust among Board Members


Convener – Rev. Dale Farley


Participants – Mrs. Arlene Lathrop, Fr. Charles Langlois, Dr. Neil Early, Rev. Paul Pic, Mrs. Ann Ball, Mrs. Betty Cummings, Mrs. Gail Anders, Fr. Scott Chemino, Mr. Hugh Straub, Dr. Marian Schwab, Rev. Susan Gaumer, Mrs. Fannie Reddix



Key Points of the Conversation –


  1. Willingness to share denominational faith stores and life experiences
  2. Need to define particular language and denominational perspectives
  3. Need for building trust levels over and over again as new judicatory heads arrive
  4. Need to work at local as well as state level
  5. LIC has a stake in teaching ecumenical sensitivity


Action Steps / Resources –


  1. Executive Director will recruit a task force to develop a program of ecumenical formation throughout the state (Ecumenism 101)
  2. Reassess job description for Regional Coordinators
  3. Develop “LIC 101” class for persons new to it
  4. Provide internet links to Denominational websites



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