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Picture of group sitting in a circle with blank papers in the middle of the floor
The blank papers in the center of the floor represent workshop ideas in waiting...


Meeting theme: 

How does the LIC move together in practical ways from MEMBERSHIP to MISSION?"


We are most grateful to the Rev. James B. Johnson, Pastor of New Light Baptist Church, 1623 S. 4th St., in Monroe, for hosting the evening Worship Service.
Picture of New Light Baptist Church - outside view
   Rev. Joe Hill started off his sermon by reading from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliette - Click here for more info.


"Round table" discussions toward end of the

Fall Board Meeting....

Picture of group sitting in a circle


Rev. Neil Early led in scripture reading.

Picture of the Rev. Dr. Neil Early reading scriptures


Mrs. Gail Anders stated that we should always having singing at a Prayer Service.  In a clear, pretty voice she led us in the song "Lord Send a Revival... And Let it Begin with Me".

Circle of prayer - group standing and holding hands while praying

Ending with a Circle of Prayer




LIC Fall Board Meeting

September 18 - 19, 2006

The Semi-Annual Board of Directors Meeting for the Louisiana Interchurch Conference was held at the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites in Monroe. 


Bishop Ronald P. Herzog, LIC President-elect, presided.  The meeting followed up to the discussion workshops began at the LIC Annual Assembly in March, with an opportunity to add additional ideas.  These ideas will now be streamlined by a leadership committee which will meet several times before the next Annual Assembly.  They will then present the finalized proposals for the full Board to vote on in March of 2007.  

Reports were presented by our various

Commission Chairs and Consultants:

Mrs. Sara Simmonds of the LA Prison Chapel Foundation, informed us of the latest developments in the building of prison Chapels.  This banner will hang in the new Freedom Chapel at Winnfield.   Warden Cain states that TRUE freedom is found in God.    For more info. on the Chapel program Click Here.

Picture of Freedom Banner for Freedom Chapel at Winnfield Prison

Photo courtesy of Ann Ball

Dr. Cory Sparks gave us an update on the Stewardship of the Environment Program.

Click here for more info. on the grant that LIC has received for Green (Sustainable) Church Building.  

Click here for more info. on the Change a Light Campaign.

Picture of the Rev. Dr. Cory Sparks speaking to the group




Mrs. Betty Puckett continues to receive hotline calls from farmers about their various farm problems.  She counsels them on alternatives to their individual situations  

              Click here for Betty's Fall, 2006 report


AND ORDER Commission

The most recent study of the Commission concerned the discussion and reflection on the document "Mary, Grace and Hope in Christ".     Click here for Bishop Bruce MacPherson's Fall, 2006 report


Justice Commission

The Criminal Justice Commission continues to work for those who are least able to adequately defend themselves.  Hurricane Katrina left many in limbo.    Click here for Chaplain Bertrand Griffin's Fall, 2006 report


Fall Board MeetinG WORKSHOPS: 

Click on the Links below to access Individual workshop information


Dr. Don Cottrill

Topic – Hispanic Ministry?


Mr. Hugh Straub

Topic – Does our structure impede action?


Fr. Willie Todd

Topic – LIC an agent for Social Change?


Dr. Alan Cutter

Topic – Is LIC an originator, warehouse, distributor, or merchant?  {serving a customer}


Dr. Marian Schwab

Topic – Opportunities for ACTIVE involvement


Mrs. Catherine Townsend

Topic – Communicate - How, when, where & what does LIC want to communicate?


Fr. Scott Chemino

Topic – Use of Task Forces


Rev. Dale Farley

Topic – Strategies for building trust among Board Members


For more information on the March, 2006 Workshops, click here.



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