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Louisiana Interchurch Conference

Fall Board Meeting

September 18–19, 2006, Monroe, LA


Theme:  “How does the LIC move together in practical ways from membership to mission?


Topic of Conversation  – Opportunities for ACTIVE involvement

                            (What opportunities for active involvement can be offered to those who

                              participate in the Assembly?)           


Convener – Dr. Marian Schwab


Participants – Fr. Mike Moroney, Fr. Charles Langlois, Mrs. Betty Cummings, Dr. Wayne Carter, Rev. Carl Rhoads, Fr. James Tarantino, Dr. Neil Early, Ms. Renee Craft


Key Points of the Conversation –


FOCUS ON ….On-going communication about activities, LIC, Shared commitments to address social issues


        Social Issue Orientation (e.g. Family, Crime, Education)

                      Help Churches respond and collaborate

        “How-To…” Workshops

                      Setting up; funding; resource persons


                      Planning Assemblies intentionally to engage people in Prep & Follow-Up

                      Facilitate involvement in local ecumenical activities


Action Steps / Resources –


    • Survey of talents, expertise
    • Get Coordinator/Editor for E-Newsletter
    • Design Assembly to accomplish goals – participants prepare, and are actively involved, during and after
    • Decide on social problem focus for a set period of time (e.g. crime, family, education).  Design orient Assemblies to help Churches respond.



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