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Louisiana Interchurch Conference

Fall Board Meeting

September 18–19, 2006, Monroe, LA


Theme:  “How does the LIC move together in practical ways from membership to mission?


Topic of Conversation  – Should LIC be an agent for Social Change?


Convener – Fr. Willie Todd


Participants – Fr. Willie Todd, Rev. Dale Farley, Dr. Neil Early, Mrs. Arlene Lathrop, Dr. Marian Schwab, Mrs. Gail Anders., Fr. Charles Langlois, Fr. James Tarantino, Rev. Susan Gaumer, Fr. Mike Moroney, Mrs. Fannie Reddix


Key Points of the Conversation –


  • YES – LIC can be an agent for systemic social change
  • How?  Focus on “Quality of life for people of LA”   Take one part/piece at a time (e.g. Crime – Violence) for defined period of time
  • Have to focus on local level as well as state level
  • Participants in Assembly have to be actively involved in this issue/effort for LIC action


Action Steps / Resources –


  • Facilitate local communication (e.g. Regional Coordinators, LIC.  LIC list-serve that can be forwarded, Lorraine distribute contact info. to everyone)
  • Choose first issue and start planning to implement above (planning, inventory of what Assembly participants bring, PLUS design Assembly to address follow-up)



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