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Louisiana Juvenile Justice Reform

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Past, Present, and Future

The Advocate Newspaper published a story on the conference.

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About our speakers:


Don Cravins, Sr. co-authored legislation leading to the Juvenile Justice Reform Act of 2003.   Formerly a State Senator, he is currently the Mayor of Opelousas, LA.

Gina Womack is the Director of Families & Friends of Louisiana’s Incarcerated Children (FFLIC) and a member of the LA Public Defender Board.

Dr. Mary Livers is the Director of the Louisiana Office of Juvenile Justice.   She has worked in the Justice Systems of AK, MD, OK, and LA during the past 28 years.

Dr. Debra DePrato is an Associate Professor of Clinical Public Health and Preventive Medicine at LSU in New Orleans and the Project Director for MacArthur Foundation’s Louisiana Models for Change.


Our thanks to all of our speakers and participants!!!!

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Juvenile Justice Conference

Held March 11th, 2009

Exploring the implementation of the Juvenile Justice Reform Act of 2003: 

Past, Present, and Future


Over 130 participants gathered from around the state, for the Conference that started at 9:45 am and ended at 4pm.  Speakers presented information from their areas of expertise/background.  There was time allotted for feedback/commentary from members of the audience via a floor microphone.

Schedule, with subject lines:

Session I:  Background Leading to the Juvenile Justice Reform Act of 2003, with Opelousas Mayor, Donald R. Cravins, Sr. and Ms. Gina Womack, Speakers

Click here for presentation info. from FFLIC (Families and Friend's of LA's Incarcerated Children) as presented by Gina Womack


Session 2: Office of Juvenile Justice plans for implementation of 2003 Reform Act, with Dr. Mary Livers, Speaker 

Session 3: At-Risk prevention strategies; Services to youth in the System; Treatment plans for the future.  Speakers:  Mr. Collis Temple and Dr. Juan Barthelemy, (with guest speaker Arthur “Silky Slim” Reed, from Stop the Killing, Inc.)

Session 4:  Models for Change – Signs of hope for the future, with Dr. Debra DePrato, Speaker;  Next Steps LA Should Take!, with Ms. Dana Kaplan as Speaker

Click here for Models of Change (Overview) document and Click here for Making Court the Last Resort.  Both documents supplied by Dr. DePrato's office.

Collis Temple has established youth homes as an alternative to incarceration in Juvenile Facilities in LA.  His homes serve as one example for a model of therapeutic treatment of at-risk juveniles in Louisiana.

Dr. Juan Barthelemy is with the LSU School of Social Work and has conducted research on aggression among youth.  He is working with schools and other institutions to reduce violence in these facilities.


Dana Kaplan is the Executive Director of the Juvenile Justice Project of Louisiana, based out of New Orleans.


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