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The Episcopal Dioceses in LA along with the Louisiana area of the United Methodist Church sponsored two conferences in May of 2008

in preparation for Eucharistic sharing between the Methodists and the Episcopalians.


"Make Us One With Christ" study guide 

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The May 13, 2008 meeting was held in Baton Rouge at St. James Episcopal Church.

The May 14, 2008 meeting was held at The Wesley Center in Woodworth.



Presenters:  Staff members of the Anglican/Methodist Dialogue

Dr. Thomas Ferguson - Episcopal Church

The Rev. Dr. Douglas Mills - United Methodist Church




Exploring Our Shared Heritage:

A Preparation for Eucharistic Fellowship

The May 13th Conference brought together almost 30 members of the Episcopal Diocese of LA and United Methodist Churches located in the more southern regions of Louisiana.

Rev. Doug Mills, Bishop William Hutchinson, and Dr. Tom Ferguson

Conference in session


While the meetings involved serious and carefully thought out discussions - there was a little time to 'play'  beforehand.

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The May 14th Conference brought together over 30 members of the United Methodist Churches located in the more northern regions of Louisiana and the Episcopal Diocese of Western LA.  At this time we don't have any pictures from the Wednesday meeting.  However, the literature and discussion topics were the same for both meetings.


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