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Previous LIC Board meeting information:


50th Annual Assembly March 2020 in Baton Rouge. Theme:  "Visioning for Unity, Striving for Justice”

Fall Board Meeting Sept. 2019 in Monroe.  Theme: “The Black Church, Prophetic Ministry and Social Justice”

49th Annual Assembly March 2019 in Lafayette. Theme:  "The Church--Race, Migration and Immigration."

Fall Board Meeting Sept. 2018 in Lake Charles.  Theme:  "Living Out The Word Through Advocacy"

48th Annual Assembly March 2018 in Baton Rouge. Theme:  "Outlines of the Future Shape of Christian Unity."

Fall Board Meeting Sept. 2017 in Alexandria.  Theme:  "The Church, the Reformation and the Quest for Unity"

47th Annual Assembly March 2017 in Monroe.  Theme:  "Reformation: Watching the change in our Church and in our Coastline."

Fall Board Meeting Sept. 2016 in New Orleans.  Theme:  "Civility in Public Discourse"

46th Annual Assembly March 2016 in Shreveport.  Theme:  "The Church, Social Justice and Racial Reconciliation"

Fall Board Meeting Sept. 2015 in Baton Rouge.  Theme:  "The Moral Challenges of Church and Society"

45th Annual Assembly March 2015 in Woodworth.  Theme:  "The Church:  Towards a Common Vision"

Fall Board Meeting Sept. 2014

in Lafayette.  Theme: 

"Proclaiming and Living the Good News Today"

Annual Assembly March 2014 in Lake Charles.  Theme:  "Revisioning the Church, Mission and Christ's Call to Unity"

Fall Board Meeting Sept. 2013

in West Monroe.  Theme: 

"Enunciating Consensus in the

Churches in the early 21st Century"

Annual Assembly March 2013 in New Orleans.  Theme:  "Practical Models from Business and Education to Lift Louisianans out of Poverty". 

Fall Board Meeting Sept. 2012

in Shreveport.  Theme: 

“Demographics and the Millennials: Shaping the Future of the Church”

Annual Assembly March 2012 in Baton Rouge.  Theme:  "Vatican II, A gift to the Ecumenical Movement: Past, Present and Future".

Fall Board Meeting Sept. 2011

in Woodworth (near Alexandria)

Theme:  "Challenges and Visions for Mission and Ministry

we face as leaders of Christian Churches in the 21st Century: 

Sharing Personal Stories /

Moving Forward Together"

Annual Assembly March, 2011 in Lafayette.    Theme:  "Bread or Stones - the Church, Children, and Poverty in Louisiana "

Fall Board Meeting Sept., 2010 in Lake Charles.  Theme: “Witnesses of These Things - Ecumenical Engagement in a New Era"



Annual Assembly March, 2010 in Monroe.    Theme:  "The Church, the Economy, and the Environment - Facing Hard Times"

Fall Board Meeting Sept., 2009 in Baton Rouge.  Theme: “Neither Jew nor Greek...(Galatians 3:28).  The Church, Race and Inclusion"

Annual Assembly March, 2009 in Shreveport.    Theme:  "The Church, Disasters and Apocalyptic Events - a Theological and Missiological Response"

Fall Board Meeting Sept., 2008 in Lafayette.  Theme: “Ecumenical Ministry and the Vocation to Prayer and Renewal (in an interreligious context)"


Annual Assembly, March, 2008 in Alexandria.  Theme: “Let Justice Roll Down Like Waters".

Fall Board Meeting Sept., 2007 in New Orleans.  Theme: “We Have Come This Far by Faith:  Church and Community after Katrina.”

Annual Assembly, March, 2007 in Lake Charles.  Theme: “To Live the Faith We Hold in Common”.

Fall Board Meeting Sept., 2006 in Monroe.  Theme: "Moving from Membership to Mission..."

Annual Assembly, March, 2006 in Baton Rouge.  Theme: “New Horizons for LIC”.

June 1st - Day of Prayer for Protection From Hurricanes.  We support the effort of this yearly reminder.

Click here to see a recent Proclamation from the Governor.

Reminder - to sign up for our periodic e-newsletter, send us an email request at:  lainterchurch@aol.com



Building Chapels in LA prisons

 The LIC and the LA Prison Chapel Foundation are both housed on the 4th Floor of the LA Annual Conference Bldg of the United Methodist Church. (pictured above).

We are most grateful to the LA Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church for the in-kind donation of housing both LIC and LPCF rent free!


The LIC was instrumental in creating the Prison Chapel Foundation and remains an active participant.   In March of 2006, the Foundation moved its main office to join us on the fourth floor in our beautifully remodeled attic – the ‘penthouse’.  Cindy Mann is the Executive Director and she has decorated the office area with shovels from groundbreaking ceremonies as well as some interesting artwork by prisoners.  Such artwork is sold, as one of the methods used to help raise funds for Chapel buildings.   

As of October, 2013:

The Foundation has completed

15 Chapels

- all Praise to God!

   Two more are in progress; and two more are under development.

For more info. on the Foundation or to contribute to this building effort, please visit:  www.chapels.org.


We salute Mrs. Sara Simmonds

From left to right:  Mr. Trey Boudreaux, Undersecretary, LA Dept. of Corrections;  Bishop C. Garnett Henning, AME Church - 8th Episcopal District; Rev. C. Dana Krutz, Executive Director, LIC; and Mrs. Sara Simmonds, LIC Liaison for the LA Prison Chapel Foundation

Mrs. Sara Simmonds retired from serving as the LIC / LPCF liaison in March of 2007.  During the 37th Annual Assembly of the LIC on March 5, 2007, members and guests gathered to honor the dedication and achievements of Mrs. Simmonds.   We presented her with a print, as created by Grace & Hebert Architects, of the original prototype of the prison chapel when the prison chapel building program was in its early stages.  Our thanks to Sara for helping to touch many lives with the Gospel of Christ.




Methodist / Episcopalian Eucharistic Fellowship Preparation Meetings

were held on May 13th & 14th, 2008 in Baton Rouge and Woodworth, LA


Find out more...


Ecumenical Alliance Formed in Lake Charles:


We celebrate the formation on January 11, 2007, of the Lake Area Ministers Group.    Fr. Dan Krutz was privileged to attend the meeting on January 11th, at St. Luke-Simpson United Methodist Church, where the officers of this new ecumenical alliance were officially installed.  The group’s Mission Statement:  The Lake Area Ministers Group brings together a Christian fellowship of Clergy, open to Interfaith Leadership and dialogue, for the purpose of fellowship, prayer and discussion designed to promote service within the entire community.  Website:  www.LAMGroup.org   For more information contact Chairperson, Rev. Gary Evers, of Glad Tidings Assembly of God, at 337/477-7774. 


For further information on any of the above events/news items, contact the Louisiana Interchurch Conference at Lainterchurch@aol.com or phone (225) 344-0134.



Katrina and Rita ---

                    not forgotten

Louisiana Interchurch Conference continues to work with various organizations towards furthering recovery and better preparation for possible future storms and or catastrophic tragedies.

Learn more about the response to Hurricane Katrina and Rita

Click here

A few scenes after Katrina:

New Orleans, LA, August 31, 2005 -- Members of the FEMA Urban Search and Rescue Task Force begin their mission to assist residents affected by Hurricane Katrina. Photo by Jocelyn Augustino/FEMA New Orleans, September 2, 2005 - An airman adusts the tie-downs that secure litter pallets in a U.S. Air Force medevac transport plane that will take these patients to a hospital in Shreveport, La.  photo by Win Henderson / FEMA photo

Search & rescue       Air Vac

New Orleans, La, August 31, 2005 -- Stranded residents in Jefferson Parish are brought to an elevated bridge area by boat to await transportation by truck to the main staging area at I-10 and Causeway. Photo by Win Henderson / FEMA photo.
Jefferson Parish -

Stranded residents

await transportation by boat

For Information on the NCC Special Commission on the Just Rebuilding of the Gulf Coast  Click here



Please keep our police officers and first responders in

your prayers daily!

Other LIC News

                (Some general news items)


 Advocacy in action:

Farm Advocacy – LIC receives Advocacy grant for 2020-2021


Bread or Stones - helping fight poverty - for Louisiana's children

           (A campaign of the Public Policy and Advocacy Task Force)

Building Chapels in Louisiana prisons


Commission on Criminal Justice:   

           Working to abolish the death penalty

           Opposing life without parole

           Supporting facilitated re-entry from incarceration

           Supporting compensation for those wrongfully convicted

                More info. on the LIC Commission on Criminal Justice

70 X 7 Initiative https://www.70times7.us/

    This is an LIC program on re-entry funded by the Huey and

    Angelina Wilson Foundation. This Initiative is intended to increase

    awareness and encourage advocacy regarding criminal justice

    reform among members of local congregations. More specifically,

    the Initiative focuses on fostering a better public understanding of

    people convicted of violent crimes and sex offenses in the hopes

    that these individuals will be included in future efforts to end

    Louisiana’s status as the incarceration capital of the world.  


Commission on Criminal Justice receives grant for 2018

Commission on Criminal Justice and Anti-Death Penalty efforts


Juvenile Justice Conference of 2014 - At-Risk Youth

Juvenile and Criminal Justice Conference of 2011

Juvenile Justice Conference of 2009

Welcome Home Sunday prison re-entry initiatives

Commission on Stewardship of the Environment:

Environmental Workshops-Building is a Moral Act

Sustainable Churches program update

2018 Year of Prayer for Cancer Alley in Louisiana


 In appreciation of contributors to this ministry:

Year to date Listing of Contributors

Archive Listing of Contributors


  Special people who remain in our hearts:

Honoring Mrs. Sara Simmonds

Honoring the Rev. Dr. Carl Rhoads

In Memory of Mrs. Betty Cummings


 Most recent Membership Additions:

Church of God in Christ-1st LA Jurisdiction

Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Louisiana

LA Home & Foreign Mission Baptist State Convention    

Order of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem


 Board Meetings - get the scoop and take a picture tour!:

Previous LIC Board Meetings - Spring Annual Assemblies and Fall Board Meetings


 Additional news from across the State:

Methodist / Episcopalian Eucharistic Fellowship Preparation

Ecumenical Alliance Formed in Lake Charles

Uprooting Hate Symbols in Metairie

Katrina and Rita - not forgotten

2018 Year of Prayer for Cancer Alley - Please continue to remember


2018 YEAR of PRAYER for CANCER ALLEY in Louisiana

The LIC Board of Directors passed a resolution at the 2017 Fall Board Meeting, designating 2018 as a Year of Prayer for Cancer Alley in Louisiana. 

Cancer Alley is a well-known area along the Mississippi River between Baton Rouge and New Orleans, which contains numerous industrial plants.  In this River Parishes area, higher than normal cancer rates of lung and kidney cancers are found, as well as an abnormally high rate of some rare cancers.

Kickoff event: Around 60 people gathered in the small community of Welcome, LA (in St. James Parish) for the opening service of the 2018 Year of Prayer for Cancer Alley held on Saturday, January 27, 2018.  The event was hosted by Mount Calvary Baptist Church, with prayers offered by many pastors whose church members have been affected by the higher rates of cancer in the Cancer Alley area.  The LIC Stewardship of the Environment Commission is partnering with the LA Bucket Brigade and others in addressing these concerns. 

Other services were held throughout the year of 2018. 



Event photos courtesy of the Louisiana Bucket Brigade


Our LIC Executive Director, Fr. Dan Krutz was among those attending the January event (see photo on left), as well as other events Various participants have given first-hand accounts of how cancer has affected their lives and families.  Please remember to keep the peoples of this petrochemical corridor area in your prayers.


Farm Advocacy – LIC Receives grant for Farm Advocacy Program to continue for 2020:

Our appreciation goes out to Mr. Willie Nelson and the staff at Farm Aid who have again provided a grant for Mrs. Betty Puckett to work as a consultant with the LIC as a Farm Advocate on an as-needed basis.  We recognize the continued difficulties many farmers face. Betty will be on-call to help with our hotline for distressed farmers, offering referrals and other assistance where possible. 

As of January 1, 2020, thanks to the above mentioned grant, we have a limited amount of funds available for direct assistance to distressed farmers.   Through the generosity of Farm Aid, this grant fund is set up to help farmers after tornadoes, hurricanes, droughts, severe illness, etc.-- to help with basic household needs.  Grants can then range up to $500. (five hundred dollars) per family, until all grant funds are expended.  Read more  or   Contact the LIC for more info.


Bread or Stones - helping fight poverty - for Louisiana's children

                         Above photo from a January, 2012 meeting in Baton Rouge  

The L.I.C. Bread or Stones Campaign of the Public Policy Task Force continues in its work in combating child poverty per a Resolution from our 2011 Annual Assembly.   This Resolution was updated in 2012 at the Fall Board of Director's meeting.  By August of 2013, all of the member Judicatory Leaders had signed on to this initiative, allowing further progress in this area.   The campaign officially kicked off in May, 2014 with a press conference outlining the statewide campaign launch.  (Click here for the newsletter which included information on that launching.)

Click here to be taken to a web page with current children's well-being statistics; info. on current activities of the Bread or Stones Campaign; and Candle-Lighting Litanies for Children.

Meetings are usually held in the Baton Rouge area.  Our thanks to all who participate, with special thanks to Rep. Patricia Smith, Rep. Stephen Carter, and Rep. Joe Harrison.  Meetings are open to the public.  Please contact us if you'd like more info. on this group.


Commission on Criminal Justice receives grant for 2018

The LIC offers thanks to the Huey and Angelina Wilson Foundation for awarding the LIC Commission on Criminal Justice a $20,000 grant for the year of 2018, to fund the work of the CCJ Commission in furthering efforts in addressing prison reentry and other criminal justice reform efforts.  With this grant, the LIC has hired a part time worker, Dr. Stephanie Gaskill, who is the point person of the program.  We welcome Ms. Gaskill to the LIC crew!


Commission on Criminal Justice / Anti-Death Penalty efforts

Above photo from January 2012 - meeting with Catholics Committed to Abolition of the Death Penalty in LA.

The Commission on Criminal Justice (CCJ) continues its work, with meetings generally scheduled between 6 weeks and 2 months apart.  The CCJ originally worked within the area of ministry to the prisons of the state, but recently the focus has enlarged to include juvenile justice issues.  We support the Prison Chapel Foundation in building

chapels at state correctional facilities.

As part of its ongoing effort to combat the Death Penalty, the L.I.C. has partnered with Catholics Committed to Abolition of the Death Penalty in LA.    The CCJ also wants to abolish 'Life without parole' sentences.

Please contact us if you'd like more info. on the CCJ.


Recent list of Contributors:

Much of the operational expenses of the LIC are provided for by the monthly support received from our member churches/organizations.  We are appreciative of their ongoing support! 

In addition, we have:  “Friends of the LIC” who help us with the remaining budget needs, as well as supporters who contribute to our Endowment and other special programs.  We’d like to offer some honor to these supporters by printing there names herein.           

Please join our supporters in this on-going work.  Contributions can be mailed to:  Louisiana Interchurch Conference at 527 N. Blvd., 4th Floor, Baton Rouge, LA  70802 or you can click here.


Year of 2020


Thank you all!

January 1st through June 23, 2020   Contributions to the BREAD or STONES program:

None for 2020 as of June 23, 2020

January 1st through June 23, 2020 Contributors - ‘Friends’ and Miscellaneous/General Contributors:

Gina L. Anthon   Rev. Kenneth York
Rev. Kristina Peterson Rob Gorman
Rev. Nancy Andrews Rev. Barbara Driscoll
Catherine Townsend Ann Romero

Rev. Constance Saizon

Ann Ball
Carol Broussard   Rev. Sam Tolbert
Rev. Marie Williams   Fr. Mike Moroney
Irma Edwards   Rev. & Mrs. Larry Miller
Earline Blackmore   Bishop James B. Brown
Dennis Edmon   Carl Jackson
Frank McArthur, II   Mary G. Harris
Marie Ducote-Comeaux   Bishop Michael Jarrell
Bishop Shelton Fabre    
Anonymous givers at Annual Assembly worship service
Another anonymous giver

January 1st through June 23, 2020 Contributors - Continuing Education/Sabbatical Fund for Executive Director:

St. Michael & All Angels Episcopal Church
Kimberly Brewington Roberson
Walter Cosby




Click here for Archive Listings of Contributors



Commission on Stewardship of the Environment:


Building is a  Moral Act:

Saving Money and the Common Good

As part of the L.I.C. Sustainable Churches program, small group consultations are held periodically.   Contact the L.I.C. at lainterchurch@aol.com if you are interested in a free workshop or consultation for your church congregation.   

        The last large workshop was held on July 29, 2009, in Lafayette where over 80 persons attended!  Smaller groups are always welcome.

        The workshop presented ways that churches and non-profit agencies can reduce both our carbon footprint and budget expenses by implementing more sustainable construction, renovation and maintenance practices in all of the buildings that we build and operate.  It included a tour of a totally self-sufficient home, and was open to staff, church construction supervisors, pastors, parishioners and the general public. 

      Find out more from original flyer information...


Commission on Stewardship of the Environment – Sustainable Churches Update:

The LIC’s Stewardship of the Environment Commission continues with its work in advocating for better stewardship of our God given resources.   With funding provided by Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, The Rev. Cory Sparks, Ph.D. and assistant, Mrs. Tammy Hathaway have been hosting workshops on Energy Efficiency targeted towards our churches and their congregations. Citing statistics that American congregations are wasting $500 million per year on electricity, the Commission is offering practical ways to improve on our use of these resources.  Please contact the LIC if you are interested in hosting a workshop.


Annual Day of Prayer for Protection From Hurricanes

The 13th Annual Day of Prayer For Protection From Hurricanes

was held on June 1st, 2018

Even as we continue to remember those affected by previous Hurricanes, we lift up prayers for protection from future hurricanes and storms.  

There is only One who can

calm the storms in our lives!

and prayers of thanksgiving for many answered prayers

Prayers for June 1st and beyond

God our Father, Creator of the Universe and Lord over all creation, we humbly stand before you as your children in thanksgiving for your loving care and protection. We ask that you keep us safe from all hurricanes which may threaten us in the coming season. Protect us from all fear and anxiety of storms and give us an ardent trust and hope in Your love and mercy. You alone bring peace, calm and safety. Father, we thank you in advance, for You are our only Refuge. We ask this through Jesus Christ Your Son, Who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever. Amen.


God, Our Father, Creator and Lord of the universe, You have set the earth on its foundation and all the elements of nature obey Your command. We humbly beseech You to keep us safe from all dangers and calm the storms that threaten us. May we be secure in Your loving protection and serve You always with grateful hearts. We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son, who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, One God, forever and ever. Amen.



~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Most recent Membership Additions:

Big News!  - Fall, 2013 

The LIC Welcomes TWO

New Member Judicatories:         

The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Louisiana (CBF), applied in August for membership in the LIC.   This application was heartily approved by the Board at this meeting.  Formal acceptance of this new member was included as a part of the evening worship service.  

      Photo taken in the Sanctuary at

         Highland Presbyterian Church

Pictured above are:  Rev. Joseph Hill, current LIC President; Rev. Dr. Reid Doster, Lead Coordinator of CBF; Rev. Dan Krutz, LIC Exec. Director; Shirley & Kenny Crump (Dr. Crump will be the CBF Board Designate); & Rev. Sam Tolbert, LIC Immediate Past President.
Representatives from the Louisiana First Jurisdiction Church of God In Christ attended the Monday Worship Service, and then on Tuesday 9/24, Rev. Woodrow Davis of the COGIC, attended the Board meeting & signed a Member Application -- which was also heartily approved by the Board.    (A formal induction will be included during the 2014 Annual Assembly.)   

Photo taken at the Tuesday Meeting

Pictured at right are:  Rev. Joseph Hill, current LIC President.; Rev. Woodrow Davis, COGIC Superintendent; Rev. Dan Krutz, LIC Exec. Director; & Rev. Sam Tolbert, LIC Immediate Past President.

Year 2009 Member Addition:

The LIC rejoices in welcoming:


The Military and Hospitaller Order of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem

as an Associate Member of the L.I.C.  Their membership was approved at the Fall Board Meeting on 9/28/09.

Pictured are three of the members of the Order of St. Lazarus who attended the Fall Board Meeting Worship Service:  Grace Moore; Pen Penton and Connie Dahlberg

St. Lazarus's Cross
  The Cross of the Order of Saint Lazarus has EIGHT points: to denote the eight chivalric obligations or aspirations: loyalty, piety, honesty, bravery, honour, self sacrifice, charity for the poor & sick, & respect for the Church.

     From its foundation in the 12th century, the members of the Order were dedicated to two ideals: aid to those suffering from leprosy and the defense of the Christian faith.

     Today it continues as an order of chivalry and has been engaged in a major charitable program to revive Christianity in many nations, with millions of dollars worth of food, clothing, medical equipment and supplies being distributed in needy countries.  The Order is also involved in geriatric care for the needy; operates several Volunteer Ambulance Corps including one for young drug addicts; and directly supports a medical and religious mission in Kenya.

Year 2008 Member Addition:

Welcome to the:

Louisiana Home and Foreign Mission Baptist State Convention, Inc. (LHFMBSC)

a division of National Baptist Convention of America, Inc.

Their membership application was approved at the Fall Board Meeting of September, 2008.

Rev. Sam Tolbert and Mr. Hugh Straub

Rev. Dr. Samuel C. Tolbert, Jr., President of LHFMBSC (on left), being welcomed by (then) LIC President, Hugh Straub (on right).

The NBCA, Inc. has two state conventions here in Louisiana.  The Baptist Missionary & Educational Convention of La (B M & E) represents the northwest portion of the state; while the Louisiana Home and Foreign Mission Baptist State Convention, Inc. (LHFMBSC) represents basically the remainder of the state, with over 380 member churches and 18 member associations.  Rev. Samuel C. Tolbert, Jr., is President of the LHFMBSC as well as General Secretary of the national denomination.  The main office is in Lake Charles.  For more information please visit:   http://www.lahfmbc.org/



Uprooting Hate Symbols in Metairie

On Friday, July 4, 2008, the LIC joined with many in support of a young Metairie family whose lawn had the symbols 'KKK' chemically burned into the grass.   The Parishioners of Metairie Ridge donated new sod, and clergy and lay persons met at the home for prayer, support, and the work of removing the dead areas of sod and grass , and then re-sodding the lawn.  Among the leaders who supported and/or participated in the event were (in alphabetical order): 

          Rev. Claire Brooks, Chinese Presbyterian Church

        Msgr. Ralph Carroll, St. Clement of Rome Catholic Church

        Father Kevin DeLerao, St. Clement of Rome Catholic Church

        Rev. John Deschner, Munholland United Methodist Church

        Father A.J. Heine, St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church

        Rev. Dan Krutz, Louisiana Interchurch Conference

        Rabbi Bob Loewy, Congregation Gates of Prayer Synagogue

        Rabbi David Posternock, Congregation Beth Israel Synagogue

        Imam Omar Suleiman, Masjid Abu Bakr As-Sideeq Mosque

The group gathered to bless and encourage this family, and ended up being blessed to be a part of the event.

  In memory of Betty Cummings

Mrs. Betty Cummings

Betty Cummings

 a photo from a recent LIC Board Meeting
  In September, 2013, we were saddened to receive word of the death of a dedicated and faithful ecumenist, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth “Betty” Cummings.  Betty had been active with the Louisiana Interchurch Conference for over 17 years.   Most recently serving on the LIC Board of Directors as a co-Judicatory Leader for Church Women United, she also served 10 years in voluntary service as a Regional Coordinator for the Monroe area, and had served as a delegate representing the Roman Catholic Diocese of Shreveport. 

Recognized by Pope John Paul II in 2003 with the Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice, the highest award that a woman can achieve in the Roman Catholic Church, Betty devoted her life to serving those in need.

Betty led a very active life, with 10 grown children (scattered around the world), and their offspring, and her numerous other activities.   Constantly traveling, she died in a car accident on her way to an out of state family wedding on September 5th.  Several members of the LIC were able to attend her funeral and additional tributes were sent.   At the Fall Board Meeting on 9/24/13, a framed Certificate of Appreciation for Betty’s years of service was approved by the Board, and delivered to her family later that day.

“ In appreciation of over 17 years of service to the LIC, in faithful attendance and participation in Board Meetings, including 6 years of service as a representative of Church Women United, and 10 years of service as a Regional Coordinator…”                 

Betty’s obituary and a link to send condolences can be found at:


Honoring the Rev. Dr. Carl Rhoads

         Olan Mills Photo        

Rev. Dr. Carl Rhoads

LIC Treasurer June 1998 – June 2008

Photo from LIC Annual Assembly

The LIC offers tribute to a man who served faithfully and capably as our Treasurer for over 10 years.  Rev. Rhoads retired in June and he and his wife have moved back to Shreveport to be near other family members.  Rev. Rhoads was and is an avid baseball fan, so the LIC had a baseball style sports jersey especially printed for him.  The jersey front displays the LIC logo and on the back there is a large circular pattern which states: “Rev. Rhoads  #1 Treasurer”  (see photos further below).

Rev. Rhoads had suffered from a short illness prior to our planned presentation of the jersey at the recent UMC Annual Conference, so we missed that chance for a photo.  However, he recuperated quickly and has informed us that he proudly wore his jersey the very next time he watched a ball game!

Enjoy your well deserved retirement!  You will be missed!





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