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Quips from our Members
(Note - we hope to gather other light side quips from our Members, to add to this page.)

No cups to be found:

In preparing for an Ecumenical Workshop in New Orleans, Mrs. Catherine Townsend (Chair of the LIC Task Force on Ecumenical Formation), wished to be able to provide some free items to our participants, among them being something which would help to commemorate in their minds, the upcoming 100th year celebration of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.

Having recently attended a conference at the Graymoor Ecumenical and Interreligious Institute, she came back with a prized possession:  a gift coffee mug with the red & white insignia of the praying hands accompanied by the black lettering annotating the upcoming 100th year celebration.  Catherine, with her usual enthusiastic determination, decided that ALL of the attendees needed one of these prized cups!  Lorraine (the Adm. Asst.) was set to the task of procuring the precious items.

However, after a few unsuccessful contacts, it was learned that the cups were a ‘limited edition’, and there were no more available.  Graymoor was kind enough to provide us with some magnets with the same logo appearance.

When breaking the news to Catherine, she took it pretty well.  She was thankful for the magnets, but she added:  I KNEW my cup was special!       

Conference Call is Over:

After receiving RSVP's for a member conference call, it was noted that two members who had responded that they would be participating, did not actually call in.  The conference call ended before the allotted time, and an email was sent to the two persons we missed.

Biship MacPherson had this reply:

"As you know, I was going to be calling in from the road on my cell phone.  Well, the spirit was willing, but the signal was weak!"

It's all a matter of comparison:

At a recent Annual Assembly, one of the workshops involved the question: ‘Why attend the LIC Board Meetings?’.  Mrs. Sarah Simmonds stated that one of the benefits of the experiences she has gained in working with the various peoples/religions represented at the LIC, is that it has helped her as she deals with the many different personalities she meets in the prisons. 

Archbishop Hughes quipped something about Mrs. Simmonds thus comparing us to criminals, and the table rocked with laughter. 

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