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The Summits were held in

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The Wesley Center



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The Road Home Small Rental Property Program - including info. for non-profit organizations.

A Look Back:

Summary on Summit II:   September 11th - 12th, 2006


Approximately 80 participants from around Louisiana gathered on September 11-12, 2006, at the Wesley Center near Woodworth, to assess the progress of recovery efforts from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, to learn from one another and hear experts on relevant topics, to have a time of rest and refreshment, and to covenant to work collaboratively in the future. Billed as “Summit II” (Summit I was held the end of January of 2006) and organized in partnership between Church World Service, the Louisiana Interchurch Conference, and with assistance from FEMA, participants came away with a renewed determination to tackle the challenges that face volunteer and faith based agencies who continue to respond to those impacted by the hurricanes of 2005.


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Interfaith Disaster Summit III - February 8th & 9th, 2007


This event was hosted by Louisiana Interchurch Conference & Church World Service, with thanks to our many participants & speakers!!

Our thanks goes out as well, to the Week of Compassion -

Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) for a grant that allowed us to fund the attendance of some of our participants on restricted budgets.

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Some of the presentations (summaries/print-outs) -- as provided by our Speakers:

Brenda Phillips, Ph.D.


General Plenary: ‘Sustainability – Long term recovery and improvement in the quality of life’ Brenda Phillips, Ph.D.            Click here for full presentation

Melissa Haley Panel presentation:  ‘Advocacy/Moral Imperatives – race, violence, and equity’ Melissa Haley, Dr. Laura Edwards (photo not available), & William Winters      Click here for full presentation William Winters
Risa Robert Mueller


Plenary Session: ‘Road Home Program - Updates/Question & Answer Session’  Risa Robert Mueller   Click here for presentation as used in power point display

Mr. Lou Furman

Panel presentation:  ‘LTR Coalitions’ - Re: Portion Titled ‘Can trauma help meet the future needs of children and youth?   Click here for summary of Mr. Lou Furman's presentation

Rev. Dr. Alan Cutter


Plenary presentation: ‘Self-Care: Spiritual and Emotional’  The Rev. Dr. Alan Cutter  

                          Click here for summary of presentation


click here for information on purchasing options for residents of FEMA trailers - some may be able to buy their trailers for as little as $484.80

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A few scenes from the plenary & breakout sessions:

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